Timeline gallery with Tina

19731973-1974 Tina is a flower girl and rides her first bike

19761976 Tina goes to the beach for the first time

1978 1978 Tina at junior school

1980 1980 Tina rides a donkey on the farm

1981 1981 Tina rides her bike to school and is a bridesmaid

19831983 Tina at 15 years


1986 1986 Tina starts her secretarial career and wins a fishing trophy

19891989 Tina turns 21 and gets married


1990 1990 Tina falls pregnant and knits her first baby jersey. Gives birth to her daughter, Casey-Jean

19921992 Tina falls pregnant with her second child.  Gives birth to her son, Dustin.  Happy and content with her family complete

19961996 Tina creates a Lion King birthday cake for Dustin


1998 1998 Tina at 30 working in the corporate world as a personal assistant


20002000 Tina takes up cycling again and rides her first road race

20012001 Tina rides two races; 94.7 and Cape Argus.  Her children are growing


20022002 Tina rides 3 races; Cape Argus, Hyper to Hyper and Ride for Sight

2003 2003 Tina finishes her degree and qualifies as a Reiki master, completes communication therapy and merkaba meditation techniques.  Creates her first website Natural Care. Begins writing her first book ‘Be Aware’




20052005 Tina gets divorced and moves to the coast for a new beginning.  She rescues a butterfly in the waves and takes it home, knowing it is a sign of major transformation

2006 2006 Tina adjusts to living in the Garden Route.  She is so inspired by nature and begins her own photography soul healing tour.  She begins to create her eBook Be Inspired.  She has fun being a model for a photography shoot with her friend Tiela

2007 2007 Tina loves living in the Garden Route and enjoys touring with her children

2008 2008 Tina continues her photography touring for creating Be Inspired

2009 2009 Tina still enjoys the photography touring

2010 2010 Tina gives others ‘soul healing tours’ in the Garden Route.  Having fun as adults trying to fly kites in a very strong wind.  She is welcomed by management on her open day of a wellness centre in the Garden Route

2011 2011 Tina discovers all the orbs appearing around her in photographs

2012 2012 Tina is still inspired with photography in the Garden Route.  She celebrates her relationship with her new valentine, Martin.  She test drives the car she is manifesting.  Tina cycles with Martin, her first Cape Coastal Tour of over 500kms in 10 days


2013 2013 Tina enjoys cycling and hiking all over the Garden Route and Karoo with Martin


2014 2014 Tina has an exciting year when her manifesting of a Kia Sportage becomes a reality.    She continues cycling with her partner Martin.  Tina and Martin marry on 22 November a delightful wedding with her children, parents, friends and family.  They and go to Bali on honeymoon

2015 2015 Tina and Martin enjoy their first cycle ride in the forest as husband and wife.  Tina hand paints many bookmarkers as she falls in love with dotty art.  She cuts all her hair short again.  She creates her new website tinacornish.co.za.

2016Tina publishes her first book Be Aware.  Obtains her certification in NLP and Life Coaching.