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be-healed-buttonAs a Reiki master, I carry the healing vibration into all my coaching sessions.  If you would like to receive only a distant healing Reiki session without coaching please book here.   Click here to find out more about Reiki.

NEW – Guided distant Reiki healing.  free-audios

I have created these to help you become more aware and conscious of your distant Reiki healing session.  These can be listened to as many times as you like.  Know that the healing energy is set to continue every-time you play it.

Complete below to receive your free sample to download

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A full selection of guided distant Reiki for illnesses to help you heal.  If your illness is not listed please request it.

Depression | Cancer | Heart problems | Indigestion | Sleep problems etc….

What is required for your distant healing appointment?

You need to book a time in your time zone where you are able to relax without being disturbed for 30 minutes.  This can be a place where you are able to sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a bed.  You need to relax completely.  You will need to have a glass of water next to you.  During the distant healing session your glass of water will be charged with Reiki energy.  You are required to drink the glass of water after your healing session.  Read more about Reiki to find out what you may experience, even in a distant healing session.

Contact Tina Cornish for a one on one session: A silent distant Reiki healing session
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Step 1 – Book your appointment (via contact form)
Step 2 – Email your most recent photo
Step 3 – Pay for your appointment (ZA R 220.00 add to cart)
Step 4 – Relax to connect for your appointment (30 minutes)



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