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Awaken a more powerful you.


So, I know it is possible to make this shift.  I healed from feeling broken to powerfully transforming my life.  As a result, I found my true soul purpose, began expressing and shining my divine spark.

I remember my old life where I was sick, depressed, stuck in silence, shy and very insecure.  I had to force myself to be confident.  That was until at the age of 35, when I found my courage to break the silence and speak about and heal the deep secret I was holding on to, my childhood trauma.  It tormented me for years, suppressed my light and held me back in so many areas of my life. 

I got to experience going with the flow of healing myself and my life.  That is where the fun began.  I discovered my powerful and a full transformation became easy as I began to

glow like I was meant to.

My Misson

I  have uniquely integrated my cutting-edge techniques to assist you to transform your life and help you to reach your full soul potential so you can create a life where you thrive.

Revamp all sectors of your life

For anyone who is awakening and taking respectful time to heal and transform.

I support you to align with your

Soulful Self 

& authentically express it.

 Heal the core reason you are stuck

  Breakthrough so that you can create the life you desire.

 Awaken your divine spark and thrive.

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I offer you a safe space for

releasing, healing and transforming.

Reclaim your power

and give birth to feeling

abundant, joyful, and alive again.




if you broke free of all your hurt and struggle

and embraced your power to transform all areas of your life.


You are in the right place.

This is why I designed this course for you.

I am Casey,

Freedom to Thrive is excellent.

I am so grateful I made the decision to do this online course.

I have been experiencing so many breakthroughs and creating some amazing adventures in my life.

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Freedom to Thrive


freedom to thrive tina cornish

Freedom to Thrive

Experience your Soul guiding you,

when you make use of my unique

online Soul Tour cards.

Make a full BREAKTHROUGH in

Freedom to Thrive course

Be Authentically Empowered

The Essential Solutions to Live your Life from

Your Full Soul Potential


Heal from past hurt and trauma

Awaken and connect to your Soul potential

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  Create the life you desire to live 

Unlimited support

When you heal the root causes of your pain and suffering, change becomes easy.  You breakthrough with inspired clarity and bravery.

You awaken to your true purpose of being.


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Freedom to Thrive

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