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Do you dream of a much healthier and happier life for yourself?

Deep within you know there is a far better way.  You feel this burning desire within to make a change.  You are awakening to your intuition.

Perhaps you are sick, depressed or in pain and just feel stuck and unsure how to shift, or even where to start.  Maybe your relationships are not as you want them.  You could be unhappy in your career.  Perhaps you feel afraid to make changes.  You have tried to heal your body and change your life, but the change didn’t last long and you were right back where you didn’t want to be.  Or you keep attracting the wrong relationship for you.  It feels like all your efforts take you in circles that don’t bring the lasting change you want.  Don’t give up, you are on the right track, that just requires some powerfully guided shifts.  I know this because, you were divinely guided here to me.  It is also okay to a feel a little afraid of change, this is a sign that you are being guided to shift out of your comfort zone of being stuck and step or even leap into your fullest potential where you can truly thrive as the person you are meant to be, in a life you deserve.

I help you to thrive in a new vibe and transform your life, while being true to yourself. When you change your vibration your world around you begins changing too.  This is the purist and most empowered alignment to your vision of a new life. When you are healthy, you feel great and your inspiration naturally motivates you to live your life to your fullest Soul potential.

If you are ready to regain good health, free of pain, stress, depression and illness, or just want to revamp your life, relationships and your career, you have arrived at your magical starting point.  I will support you to begin and fully step into your awakening consciousness with joy and confidence.  With a new vibration of good health your vision of a better life can become a reality, sooner than you may think.


I will guide you step-by-step and show you how to transform your life.

You only need to have the vision, desire, willingness and be open to make the change.  Trust me, you will be happy when you discover that getting started with your healthy and happy new life that you deserve, is simply a step or two away.

It all starts here…

Are you ready to thrive in a new vibe?

Together we will heal your body, mind and emotions.  Connect to your Soul and set your spirit free.  Shift and release from blocks and stuck areas.  Then set into place your ideal vibration to create and attract your desired life.  You decide what area of your life requires the most urgent attention.  You get to decide what needs to change and I help you to do it in ways that succeed and are aligned directly with you.  This ensures that you arrive in your fullest Soul potential and healthiest and happiest life.

 You can become the person you want to, and meant to be!

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If you want compassion and help you are in the right place.

You have a great purpose in this life!

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I would like to give you a free Vibe changing kit to help you to start shifting your vibration today.  It includes:

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I remember…

I remember those days when I was so frustrated from my repeated illnesses, that drained my life.  Feeling so trapped trying to survive in my life with the after-effects from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  It stopped me from living my life fully.  Those days that I would lie on my bed so sick and depressed, with just my dream of a better life, living by the sea and walking on the beach, feeling completely healthy and free. 

Well, today I am freed, healthy, living by the sea and in an awesome relationship with my second husband.  Doing work I am passionate about.  I am deeply connected and highly creative.  I am so motivated and have the energy to take action on my inspired thoughts immediately.  I get to walk and cycle on the beach anytime I want to.  I feel so empowered knowing my life is amazing and I am truly thriving in my new vibe.  I want to help you to experience your best life too.

“I believe that if I can thrive in a new vibe, so can you”  Tina Cornish

If you would like to read about my own journey of awakening and how you can get started to transform your life in the comfort of your home, then I highly recommend you go here for more information about my book.

“Be Aware”

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