Creating The Life You Desire

There are essential steps to take

for any authentic and long lasting change in your life.

I support you to align with your Soulful Self


authentically express it,

while creating the life you desire.

Hi! I am Tina Cornish,

Since 2003 I have been assisting men and women with a desire for success, to heal and transform their lives.  

As an Author, and qualified Reiki Master, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Colour Therapist, I  have uniquely integrated my cutting-edge techniques to assist you to transform your life and help you to reach your full soul potential.

Together we create the life you desire.  Awaken your divine spark and thrive.  Providing you with results that are long lasting.

Tina Cornish


Activate your thriving life today.

Be Aware by Tina Cornish


Be Aware

For Your

Awakening Consciousness

How To

Transform Your Life

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Freedom to Thrive


Freedom to Thrive

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The Essential Solutions to Live your Life from

Your Full Soul Potential

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Freedom to Thrive


What my clients say

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  • For the first time in many decades I find that I am no longer haunted by the memories of my earlier years. 
  • You have helped transform my life into something I never imagined possible.
  • For the first time I feel so alive and at peace with myself.
  • I have let go of all anger, frustrations and worries.
  • I have had my true potential unlocked.
  • For the first time in my life, I now believe in myself.thumbs up men tina cornish
  • I am now so motivated and focused.
  • I have courage and confidence to go for it.
  • You directed me to my core cause of depression.
  • I feel so alive and free.