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Book here for your distant Reiki healing

Due to a current restructure of my business, these one-on-one healing appointments are dedicated to members of Soul Tour or Be Aware Mastery.  Therefore, if you are a member you can book your healing in the form below.  However, If you would like to find out more about becoming a member, go to Soul Tour e-cards or Be Aware Mastery.

Physically present Reiki healing

I am fulfilling the many requests to bring back my physical hands-on Reiki healing in Sedgefield, South Africa.  From January 2020 you can now contact me via email or cell to book your hands on Reiki.  Payable in cash ZAR450/session.  Allow 1.5 – 2 hours for the first appointment.

Do you know what Reiki Healing is?

You may want to explore my website.  I have an page all about healing.  It is called What is Reiki?  Another very helpful page relating to healing is Chakras.

reiki healing with tina cornish

If you are completely new to my website, I encourage you to read About Tina.

You may also like to watch some videos that can help you with healing.  Like, Clear blocking beliefs that prevent your body from healing.

In my book, Be Aware, you will be able to shift and heal yourself while you read it.

Use the form to Book your Healing


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