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Orbs on Be Aware Cover

orbs on book cover be aware by tina cornish

Did you notice the orbs on the cover of my book – Be Aware? I took these photos at a backpackers venue – Away with The Fairies in Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa.  I had the orbs in the photos interpreted by Carol De Vasconcelos.  Carol is the orb lady for Diana Cooper from South …

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Introduction-How to use Be Aware book

be aware book intro

Excerpt : Introduction on how to use the ‘Be Aware’ book in your life. Here you will find the excerpt from my book Be Aware.  It will also explain how to use the book in your life for effective results of healing and transformation.  You will be able to heal and shift while you read …

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Dedication in Be Aware book

be aware book dedication

My dedication in Be Aware Read the dedication from my book – Be Aware: For Your Awakening Consciousness – How To Transform Your Life.     This book is dedicated to all of you. For those who have asked, “How do you do it?” or “How do you change and just know?”, ‘Be Aware’ is …

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Be Inspired

be inspired the movie garden route

‘Be Inspired’ – the book and movie In Be Inspired, I take you on a tour in the Garden Route of South Africa.  I also, share my photographic collection of nature.  Including, positive affirmations with each photograph.  Therefore, the combination of affirmations and nature, inspire you with an unfolding journey into your Soul. The affirmations …

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free bookmarker be aware

Free Hand painted Bookmarkers Do you have the book Be Aware?  If yes, you can receive a free bookmarker.  I hand painted each one in dotty art.  I will post it to you.  Only while stocks last.  There is only one of each.         Like • Share • Tweet • Pin

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Book Reviews

book reviews be aware be inspired

Read Be Aware book reviews On the page you will find the book reviews I have received.  They may just happen to help you. Be Aware – book reviews “Thank you Tina.  I loved the I am process, I do it daily.  Be Aware has made a huge difference in my life.  I was shocked …

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Be Aware – The Book

Buy Be Aware - The Book

One reason why Be Aware – The Book may just be what you need in your life right now. Firstly, you have attracted the book Be Aware to you.  So, this means there is something in it, for you.  Because, it is no accident that you are here, reading this now. Be Aware – The …

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