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Introduction-How to use Be Aware book

Excerpt : Introduction on how to use the ‘Be Aware’ book in your life.‘Be Aware’ is written to teach, guide and inspire you to move forward into your own conscious healing moments and transform your life.

Allow yourself to ‘Be Aware’ and present in your own life.  Feel your emotions, listen to and acknowledge your thoughts, and connect with your body.  Learn how to heal yourself through your own path of self-discovery.  Have a journal or pad of paper and a pen beside you while reading to write down your own thoughts and feelings relating to your life.  This book will become a trigger for your transformation and healing in your life.  ‘Be Aware’ is held within the Christ-lighted, higher dimensional energy to help you shift for your own highest good, in whatever way you may need it in the present.

Be an observer throughout section one as I take you on my journey, my personal thoughts and feelings.

Allow yourself to go ‘behind the scenes’ of a developing, healing consciousness.  Take note of my drive towards changing my negative and debilitating thoughts to positive, constructive ones.  See how everyday life, everyday events and everyday happenings are important healing moments for you to experience.

At times we are confused. It is a lack of awareness and understanding of our own life patterns that create this confusion.  Together with the universe, we subconsciously create our own lessons for transformation.  See how I attracted people and events, and experienced emotions, to teach myself lessons that would, in turn, be used to enhance my own progress.  Sometimes it is important in one’s life to surrender and release situations for healing to occur.  Trust implicitly that the universe will re-align you with awareness of your Soul-pathway.  You too may find moments in your life when you become aware that you have knowledge of events along your pathway even before they take place. Accept them as guidance and preparation and, using your own discernment, keep yourself inspired.

If you haven’t already read any of Louise L. Hay’s books or attended any of her workshops, now would be a good time.  You can relate much of my healing interpretation to her teachings.  I recommend her book ‘Heal Your Body’, from which you will get in-depth knowledge of the metaphysical healing connection between body, mind and spirit.  My own healing interpretations, based on the concept of metaphysical causation-or how words and thoughts can create lived experiences-and combined with Louise L. Hay’s interpretations, (at the end of each chapter from my life), will connect some of the missing pieces.  This is where the healing journey unfolds while my life transforms.  It shows you a way in which you too can review your life.  It could be very useful for you to have ‘Heal Your Body’ on hand while you read ‘Be Aware’, as your own memories of illness may come to light.

This book is about my ‘Soul’ life through many lifetimes.

Some thoughts from past lives emerge in my current life.  It doesn’t really matter in which life the events took place.  All that matters is that my Soul has gone through experiences and healing and my life has transformed naturally.  Learn how useful recall of past events will help to heal you in your current life.  I see life as a puzzle of a million pieces, waiting for the divine moment to fit together perfectly to bring unique healing experiences into your life.  Some healing, perhaps from the same event or trauma, may unfold at different intervals in your life.  Like pages in a book, they bring to your awareness something new, while at the same time taking you to a different level of healing and transformation.  Learn to go with the flow to experience it.  Don’t run and hide, as I first tried to do; that only holds up your healing progress.  Learn to see the blessings in the experiences and, especially, the problems.

Know that during the reading of this book you may notice your own emotions being stirred.

You may feel a connection to me in some way.  One reason for this is the energy field within which this book is held.  This will help you to heal and transform for your highest good.  You have attracted this book to you.  If emotions arise, this is telling you that energies are shifting within you and healing is automatically taking place.  I advise you then to put the book aside and work through whatever is developing within you.  Write down your thoughts and feelings and allow yourself to express your emotions.  Don’t hold back or ignore them because this suppresses the energy and this, in turn, may lead to further illnesses or blocks in your life.  Seize your moment of healing and transformation!  After you have worked through this, return to re-reading the section that first triggered your release.  You may need to repeat this a number of times, depending on your circumstances.  An indication that healing has occurred is that no further emotions are triggered.  Remember that anger is also an emotion, a blanket suppressing a deeper hurt.  Also, pay attention to areas you may want to reject and go within: ask what your reason for rejection truly is.  We often think we have dealt with our past effectively, but we merely succeed in blocking and suppressing emotion and trauma temporarily, not wanting to return consciously to a sad or depressing event.  A sure sign of withheld energies from your past would be illnesses you may have experienced or problems you may have attracted, as well as the emotions connected to the memories.  Looking carefully at some of the illnesses in your past can reveal and also release a ‘pattern’ hidden deep within you.  If you have experienced any major traumatic event in your life, you may find yourself feeling strangely depressed during the reading of my book.  Have a box of tissues handy!  Always seek professional help if you feel unable to deal with the rising emotions.  You are most welcome to contact me too for further help.  Focus on lifting yourself into a positive vibration after you release any emotions to prevent yourself becoming immersed in depression.  You can do this by congratulating yourself and giving yourself a hug for having the courage and strength to go back into the experience of the emotions and memories.  Avoid following a chain of negative thoughts that may keep surfacing.  You are the only one who can change that negative thought.  The quickest way to dispel confusion is to know and to trust that everything you go through is absolutely necessary for your progress and growth. When you do this, the ‘puzzle pieces of your life’ will start falling into place perfectly.  You will ‘Be Aware’.  Simply by becoming more in touch with your thoughts and feelings, your awareness will begin to shift, healing of some sort will take place and you will feel the freedom and peace that follows.  My book does not at all imply that Reiki is the only pathway to healing, transformation and ascension.  It is not.  You must follow your own guided pathway and healing modality from within you.

be aware book

I am so happy to share my book with you to help you transform too.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

grey man thrive in a new vibe

look inside of yourself as you read Be Aware  

Orbs on Be Aware Cover

Did you notice the orbs on the cover of my book – Be Aware?

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I took these photos at a backpackers venue – Away with The Fairies in Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I had the orbs on the cover of my book interpreted by Carol De Vasconcelos.  Carol is the orb lady for Diana Cooper from South Africa.

Orbs Interpretation of Be Aware Cover

The orb picture on your cover is the reflective light of the sun – this is when one take a picture directly into the sun you get this formation, however there are other energies at work here, the sun is used to energize the orbs I see.

The golden orb in your picture feels like a inner child orb I see a little girl and a dragon inside this orb as well as a fairy orb the white and green inside this orb, that tells me that the fairies and elementals want to work with you, if they are not already doing this.  The gold from the orb is the wisdom you brought in at birth and the need to work with the Christ Consciousness. The Dragon is to rekindle the magic and work with dragons as well.  Then the green flying saucer is the healing that can be experienced through opening yourself up to all of these energies. The blue and pink at the bottom of this orb picture is the energy of Archangel Michael (blue) and the Cosmic Heart (pink) indicating that Archangel Michael is working with you on your book , your book will assist you to cut many cords and express your personal truth. And that many people’s hearts as well as yours will be opened by the information you will be sharing.  (cosmic heart)

To learn more about using orbs for your ascension and enlightenment go to Diana Cooper

You can find more books by Diana Cooper at Hayhouse.com

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

grey man thrive in a new vibe

look inside – acknowledge your inner child  

Book Reviews

Read Be Aware & Be Inspired book reviews

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Be Aware – book reviews

Be Aware is a book with a sincere message for the growth of one’s consciousness which through being alert will lead and nurture a healing guidance to positive living which leads the divine way to emotional wellness on life’s journey.   The message is connected to all areas of your life, in the present, which becomes the past and inspires the future.  Her story demonstrates a greater sense of purpose in life which taps into more joyful living.  “Be Aware” is a book where Tina encourages one to reap the mental, spiritual and physical benefits and her internal dialogue is intimately connected to our physical body owing to who we are.  “Be Aware” is the essence therefore of functional mind-body connection and is therefore powerful with emotional health as a cornerstone in achieving full-body vibrance.  –
Cherry Viljoen – appreciation for sincere and supportive truth to spiritual knowledge.
Be Aware is truly a gift! The world is ready to accept this!  This is a reminder to me to keep my past hurt where it belongs: the Past!  I re-discovered Archangel Chamuel in my life: for help with uplifting from loneliness!  May your book reach/help/inspire/transform many!  I am more Aware now!  Thank you!  I am proud of you! – Tiela Rabie.

Be Inspired – book reviews

Be Inspired, In the spirit of the Garden Route, South Africa – ebook pdf – ISBN: 978-0-620-73420-2

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Be Aware – For your awakening consciousness, How to transform your life.

Kindle ebook – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72213-1

Paperback – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72212-4

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One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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