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Triggers and signs that your life is about to transform

Change is always taking place in our lives.  We don’t always like change as it shifts us out of our comfort zone.  But change and especially radical transformation, is essential for our growth in life.  It helps us to clear out the old and make way for the new to come in.  Sometimes the change or transformation is gentle and easy as we can cope quite easily on our own.  Then there are times of radical life transformation.  The type that truly shakes us up and literally shifts us forward whether we like it or not.  You have no way out, you can’t avoid it, you have to go through it, no matter what.  It is part of your Soul growth and pathway.

It is often this radical transformational period where you will be guided to, or find yourself seeking out the help of people like myself in the life coaching and healing fields.  Quite often this is already a clear sign that, you may be seeking change for one area of your life, but are actually destined to transform all areas of your life in a more radical way.  You may not be consciously aware at the time, but your Soul knows and the whole universe comes together in alignment to guide you forward to the right support you require. I can assist you forward through your transformation.

Triggers for radical transformation

Sometimes we find ourselves thrown right into the deep-end of facing transformation which is triggered by a major life event like;

  • a death of a loved one
  • relationship suddenly ends
  • you are told you have a chronic or incurable illness
  • major accident
  • you have a major financial loss
  • you loose your home
  • you get fired from your job
  • you are in the middle of a natural disaster like floods, fires, earth-quakes etc.

The more gentle approach to transformation is that we decide to make change like;

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to heal my body
  • I want to change my career
  • You begin manifesting for something in your life and find changes happening.

And then before you know you find you are guided to make more radical changes.

So if you have had a radical shift into transformation or have just made the decision to change, these are the signs that would indicate transformation is destined to happen for you.

Signs for radical transformation

  1. Life feels out of wack, there is chaos and your life feels like a mess.
  2. Feel irritated, frustrated, annoyed, angry and even hurt.  Then you hit a breaking point and just snap.
  3. Off balance, distracted, can’t concentrate, you have so much mind chatter going on, difficulty sleeping.
  4. Feel anxious, worried, nervous, even panic.
  5. Your intuition heightens and you really can feel change is needed, but not necessarily knowing what that change is.  You just know something has to shift.
  6. You feel a pulling into a certain direction, the inner sense and knowing that you have to take action on something.
  7. Feel like being alone, you want to escape from people or places.  People are bugging you, but you don’t know why.
  8. You want to be alone to think about things in your life.
  9. Stuck.  What was working in your life, no longer works, you feel confused about it.
  10. Racing thoughts and even flashback memories of previous trauma or transitions of your life, and how you got through them.
  11. You feel there is something missing.  Like the missing piece of the puzzle, but you not sure what it is.
  12. Emotionally sensitive, and feel you are being pushed out of your comfort zone.
  13. High energetic frenzy like a pregnant women who is about to give birth.  They go into this high energy phase of cleaning, clearing clutter, moving things around.  With a nervous and excited feeling inside.  These are natural instincts of preparation for what is about to come.
  14. Signs, messages, synchronicities of guidance coming forward to you.  You can receive the same message in various ways.  You are being guided and your intuitions awakens and you know you need to pay attention to this information coming to you.

So if you have or currently are experiencing any of these, then you can rest assured that your life is heading for a major or radical transformation.  This is not bad, but truly the best part of you life.  It might not always be easy to go through, but you will find support coming to you from all unexpected places.

If you feel I am that person to help you, then it is up to you to reach out to me.  You could start by getting the free Vibe Kit I have for you.


Be Aware Mastery

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Be Aware Mastery is based on the Transformation section of my book.  Do you have the book?  Have you read the book?  Reading it will be the best place to get started.   Read the dedication within Be Aware.  Read the introduction of how to use Be Aware in your life.  You can buy it here. Available in ebook pdf on my website or kindle and paperback via Amazon.  Now also available – Order the paperback in South Africa via Exclusive Books and loot.co.za.

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Be Aware Mastery will take you step-by-step through your transformation in an interactive way for advanced mastery

It is for you if:

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  • Understand your dreams
  • Understand if and why you are stuck
  • Shift through forgiveness and into gratitude
  • Shift your relationships or attract your ideal partner
  • Shift your career
  • Elevate your vibration for the better life you desire
  • Experience a life filled with joy and gratitude

Learn how to…

  • Listen to your body
  • Access and trust your intuition
  • Balance your life
  • Manifest effectively
  • Meditate
  • Connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels and archangels
  • Express your full Soul potential in your life

Benefits of online Be Aware Mastery

  • Engage with me in private *email coaching and live chat
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  • Your membership entitles you to an amazing discount to join the Soul Tour oracle e-cards
  • This is a mobile friendly website.  This means you can access all contents via your mobile device.

*Note:  The email coaching offered here is ongoing email coaching aligned to helping you in the moment of need.  **If more than 3x1hour skype is required it would need to be booked and paid for separately.

If you want to see and experience your life from a different perspective, then this Be Aware Mastery is for you.

Go to beaware.tinacornish.co.za to see what else is in your membership and join today.

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One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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Be Aware of your vibration

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