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Be Still

Meditate and Be Still

If you have the book Be Aware (in any format), you can download the audio meditations that appear in the book.

free-audiosIt is password protected.  The password is the last two words of my quote found in the Afterword of Be Aware.  The quote that follows the words “I now leave my moments of awareness in your hands with a questions for you.  Use only the two words in capitals as you see it in the book.  If you have problems please contact me.   To go to the page Click here.

If you have not yet bought my book you can receive a free meditation.

Free stress relief meditation

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One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:puzzle piece to transform your life

calm yourself with 3 deep slow breaths  


The chakras are energy vortices

They emanate from your physical body into your aura.  They are absorbing energy at all times during your life and developing their vibrational signature in cycles of seven year periods.

Chakra Colours and Development Cycle

  1. Base Root Chakra – Red – years 1-7 & 49-56
  2. Sacral Chakra – Orange – years 7-14 & 56-63
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – years 14-21 & 63-70
  4. Heart Chakra – Green/Pink – years 21-28 & 70-77
  5. Throat Chakra – Blue – years 28-35 & 77-84
  6. Brow/3rd Eye Chakra – Indigo – years 35-42 & 84-91
  7. Crown Chakra – Violet/white – years 42-49 & 91-98

Below is an image of the chakras on your body.

chakra text


One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:puzzle piece to transform your life

accept yourself as a colourful being of energy