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In this category you will find ways in which you can work with Tina Cornish. Whether it be through Life coaching or Reiki Healing. Helping you to transform your life.

Thrive in a New Vibe!

you and tina together creating the life you desire

Hello and welcome,  I am Tina Cornish! I help men and women with a desire for success, to heal and transform. Together we create the life you desire. Awaken your divine spark and thrive in your full soul potential. Are you ready for your new vibe? Do you dream of a much healthier and happier …

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What I want

What I want - Tina Cornish - survey

A survey created just for you : What I want! Here you will find a survey called, What I want.   I created it just for you.  Because, you may have been wishing that you could find the exact help you need.  Have you?  Then, you need to let me know if there is a way …

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Privacy Policy

tina cornish create the life you desire

Privacy Policy for your personal information Protecting the privacy and security of consumers’ personal information is very important to me.  Please read this notice carefully to understand what I do with the personal information we collect both online and offline – Thanks, Tina Cornish. Who we are Firstly, we is just I.  This website is …

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Startup with Tina Cornish

It is time for me to get to know you – StartUp This the page for your StartUp to work with me.  Before I can help you, I have to get to know you and your challenges, too. What you need to know about StartUp This StartUp form is created in a way that will …

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Book Healing

Tina Cornish distant reiki healing

Book here for your distant Reiki healing Due to a current restructure of my business, these one-on-one healing appointments are dedicated to members of Soul Tour or Be Aware Mastery.  Therefore, if you are a member you can book your healing in the form below.  However, If you would like to find out more about …

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Be Coached

transform life tina cornish on beach

Are you looking for holistic life coaching? You are in the right place, to Be Coached I offer unique holistic life coaching to help you thrive in a new vibe and transform your life.  You need to be a member, to be coached.  But, for now you can Get your free vibe kit to start. …

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Book Coaching

looking at sea life coaching dreams

Book here for your holistic life coaching This is the correct page to book coaching with me.  However, you do need to be a member first.  For more info you can read Be Coached Complete this form to Book coaching for an online appointment.  If you want to know more about holistic life coaching you …

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testimonials tina cornish

On this page you will find some testimonials.  You can also share yours.  Of course, you are not forced to share, either.  But, testimonials are helpful for other people.  You may also remain anonymous. Testimonials from clients Testimonial 1 – At age 83, effective release from abandonment and trauma in the war as a child. …

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Look Inside

look inside tina cornish sunglasses

Take a look inside at the most valuable topics.  Helping you to transform your life. Below you will find a variety of topics to help you get started today!  So, take a Look Inside. Look Inside – An Essential Key One of the ‘puzzle pieces of life’, is to look inside yourself.  Connect with your …

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Soul Tour e-cards

soul tour wings with tina cornish

Soul Tour e-cards – Highly recommended for your Step 4 Soul Tour e-cards may just be the guidance you need to connect with daily.  Because, I have uniquely created these e-cards for you.  They will assist you to evolve and most certainly connect to your Soul. Introducing Soul Tour e-cards Do you wish you had …

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Pay It Forward

pay it forward birds donation

Do you believe in Paying it Forward? I believe in Paying It Forward, to help those who are unable to pay for themselves.  If you would like to give a “Pay It Forward donation” to help someone in their life anonymously, donate here via Paypal. Where does Paying If Forward come from? The movie, Pay …

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Be Aware Mastery

be aware mastery online coaching & healing

Why would you want to become a member of Be Aware Mastery? Firstly, Be Aware Mastery, is an online membership platform.  Besides that, it Includes my personal coaching and healing, to assist you to create the life you desire. I have created it in a step-by-step guide.  Therefore, it will assist you to breakthrough from …

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answers to frequently asked questions at tina cornish laptop glasses candle flowers

Answers to FAQ – your frequently asked questions This page covers FAQ.  You may just find the answer you are looking for.  You can also ask your own question. What coaching is available? Holistic coaching is now only available to members of Soul Tour and Be Aware Mastery.  You may like to become a member. …

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Contact Tina

contact tina cornish author healer coach

Contact Tina if you have any questions? Yes, you are welcome to contact me.  I am sure I will be able to answer the questions you may have.  Especially, if they relate to helping you create the life you desire.  You see, that is what I love to do, and excel at.  So together, you …

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About Tina

you and tina together creating the life you desire

Read all about Tina helping you. I am Tina Cornish, the owner of Thrive in a New Vibe. I help men and women with a desire for success, to heal and transform. Together we create the life you desire. Awaken your divine spark and thrive in your full soul potential. Are you ready for your …

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tina cornish create the life you desire

Please read this disclaimer About this disclaimer.  By working with me, Tina Cornish, you understand and agree to the following:  Firstly, you will receive my professional intuitive and skilled assistance, guidance and healing. Energy frequency Understand that, from the first moment of interaction, you enter a higher supportive energy frequency.  This is one of healing, …

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Be Informed

be informed tina cornish

Be Informed is my Newsletter If you would like to be informed about my books, reiki healing, life coaching, and other updates, please subscribe below. I only have one newsletter covering all domains (tinacornish.co.za, beaware.tinacornish.co.za, soultour.tinacornish.co.za) Your information is never shared – ever!   Like • Share • Tweet • Pin

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Transform your life

Services I offer to transform your life. I am so glad you have the interest to transform your life.  That desire can be both exciting and scary.  I know, as I have been through major transformation a couple of times in my life.  But, one thing I know for sure, is the breakthrough into your …

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