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Dear Universe

Dear Universe, please help me!

Dear Universe is your own personal and private letter box to use for FREE, with no strings attached.  You do not need to be a client to make use of this free facility.  I created this just for you, because I know how powerful this technique is.

Dear Universe please help me personal letter box tina cornish

What exactly is Dear Universe?

It is a personal and private service designed to shift your vibe.  You see, your vibration is exactly what attracts everything to you.  It is vitally important you attend to your vibration when you want to change your life.  For the fun of it, I called it a letter box (a virtual one of course).  And yes, that is my own tissue box, desk and hand in the images.  I had some photography fun.

Why did I use my tissue box as a letter box?

It would be wise to have your own tissue box at hand when you do this little exercise.  It is a little exercise or technique that can truly bring about a major change.  Experiencing tears or actually crying during the writing of your letter can help you a great deal.  Feeling the emotion shifting is exactly what you want.  So don’t stress about crying, it is truly very healing.  You may want to watch my YouTube video where I discuss crying and do an EFT exercise with you.

How does it work?

You write/type your letter expressing how you are feeling.  Letting go of one problem at a time, whichever, is weighing you down the most.  Choose the heaviest burden to release first.   You can release it by burning or tearing it up.  Or use my powerful letter box. Powerful, because you send your letter to me.

Dear Universe goes to the desk of Tina Cornish

You submit your letter to me, online.  I am the only one who reads it.  And, here is what I do to help you – FOR FREE.  I ask the Universe for you to be guided.  I work with God, the Universe and Archangels to help you.  As an added bonus, I do Reiki healing on your letter and you, so that you may be released effectively.

Why you would want to use Dear Universe?

The main reason to use my Dear Universe… letter box is to LET GO.  You see feelings like grudges, hurt, and secrets carry a heavy energy vibration.  This can keep you stuck in your life, not what you want if you desire a new life.  When you RELEASE you HEAL, then the magical and miraculous doors to success open.  Yes, magic and miracles can flow to you after you do this.  Well, that is what it will feel like immediately, if you have been holding onto the feelings for too long.  You deserve the freedom from the heavy emotions.  I would love to be the person to guide you through it.

Who do you address your letter to?

This is a very important question.  It is absolutely crucial that you address it to whoever you have the problem with.  Two options are to address it to Dear…(name) or Dear Universe… (or God – whatever you prefer).

Dear Universe… would be asking for help and guidance.

But Dear… is the name of the person who took part in this event and caused the hurt you are feeling.  You never want to send this letter to the person concerned.  Only in certain circumstances would you do that.

You only address one problem, challenge, burden, hurt, secret or person at a time.

Why is my Dear Universe letter box powerful?

Because, you will be ‘telling’, the person in the letter exactly how you feel, and why you are hurt.  Even though, you are only ‘telling me’, it will feel like you are speaking to the person concerned, this is powerful all on its own.   Sending it off to share with me, also takes courage and will create a big shift in you.  As a result, both you and the person concerned, will experience the release.  You also get the added bonus of what I do for you.

What about secrets?

One of the heaviest emotional blocks, comes from holding onto secrets.  Of course, a secret is intended to remain with you only.  But, that is not always wise or healthy for your own well-being.  There are big secrets and little secrets.  Only you can feel the weight of it and get to evaluate whether it is a big one or little one.  Either, of them can cause you problems.

Personal experience with secrets

I personally know all about what big secrets can do to you.  Most of my life I held onto a very big secret, I was sexually abused as a child.  I was told as a kid to never tell anyone.  I believed it and lived with terrible consequences to my health and emotional state.  After I, released the secret, a huge weight was lifted off me.  I had never before, felt so light and free.  That, was when my life began shifting, radically.  You may like to read about signs of radical shifts in your life.

Do I have to forgive?

Yes and no.  You see there can be something you need to forgive yourself for.  In this case you could address Dear Universe, please help me to forgive myself for…. Or Dear…(person) please forgive me for….  And for you.  Dear (Your name) I forgive you for doing this… or not doing this…

In Be Aware my Book and Be Aware Mastery there is very helpful information about how to forgive, when to forgive or not.  You see, you have to be ready and willing to forgive, for true release.  And, forgiveness is not for other people, but for yourself.  Ho’oponopono is also a technique you can use.  You may also like to learn more about What is Ho’oponopono.  EFT will also help you with forgiveness and you can learn more about What is EFT.

What if I need further help?

This can easily be arranged.  After I have read your letter, I may be able to guide you to more assistance.  In fact my book Be Aware can help you.  If you feel you want my help, you are most welcome to join in my membership platforms Soul Tour or Be Aware Mastery.

What to do now?

You either, write you letter manually on paper and burn or tear it up.  OR, if you want to use this free service, just send your letter to me.  Simply type your letter into the form below and press send.  You can also use this personal and private letter box as many times as you need.  Please share my letter box with other people you may know, who truly need to make use of it.

let go grudges hurt secrets release heal for success


Dear Universe, please help me.

Type your letter to send. Remember, you want to express how you are feeling. You can address it Dear or Dear Universe. You are welcome to use this letter box as many times as you require. Before you do, rate on a scale of 0-10 how you feel right now. 0 is light and free - 10 is a very heavy burden. After the letter rate yourself again to see if there is any change about how you are feeling.


Did you know I have implemented Pay It Forward in my business?  Perhaps you can share this letter box with 3 or more people, who may just need some help.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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