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Answers to FAQ – your frequently asked questions

This page covers FAQ.  You may just find the answer you are looking for.  You can also ask your own question.

What coaching is available?

Holistic coaching is now only available to members of Freedom to Thrive.  You may like to become a member.

What is required, for a distant healing appointment?

You need to relax, without disturbance, for 30 minutes.  It is best if you are able to sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a bed.  You will need to relax completely.  A glass of water is needed.  In order to, charge the water with energy.  You are required to drink the glass of water after your healing session.

Distant healing appointments

You need to book a time, in your time zone.  *Please note: that due to my business restructure, healing appointments are now only available through my Freedom to Thrive or the Vibe Kit

How do I get a free bookmarker?

After you purchase “Be Aware” the book.  Your proof of purchase will entitle you to receive a free bookmarker.  Submit a request for your bookmarker.

Where do I buy the book Be Aware in Kindle or Paperback?

Buy pdf ebook edition

Kindle ebook – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72213-1

Paperback – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72212-4

or  Go to Amazon.com to buy Be Aware on Kindle and paperback edition.

In South Africa you can now order Paperback via Exclusive Books or Loot.co.za.

You can order the paper back in most bookstores around the world paperback edition (ISBN: 978-0-620-72212-4).  Use the ISBN number to search in google for your nearest book store.

How do I download audio meditations?

If you have the book Be Aware you can download the audio meditations that appear in the book.  Go to the page Be Aware Meditations.

Do you only work online?

Yes.  I no longer do in-person one-on-one sessions in Sedgefield, South Africa.  My time is dedicated online.  I like to help people all around the world.  Over the internet is the way operate.  I use email, LiveChat and Zoom.  For one-on-one sessions I use Zoom. These are only available through my paid package Freedom to Thrive or the Free Vibe Kit

Do you want to ask a question that could become on of these FAQ’s?

There are a couple of ways to do that.  You can use my Contact Tina form, or use the LiveChat at the bottom of your screen.

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