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Feng Shui Consultation

Are you looking for a Feng Shui consultation in the Garden Route?

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“Use the proven power of Feng Shui to effect a positive change in every area of your life.”

Feng Shui is best understood as arranging a living environment where the five elements and the yin and yang energies are in complete harmonious balance, thereby bringing the good life to those who reside within this environment.  Layout, orientations, shapes, colour schemes, placement of furniture, decorative objects as well as paintings all add to the totality of the whole.  How to put them together directly to benefit the residents, is what Feng Shui is all about.

Improved Benefits:

Career, business, relationships, health, improved quality of sleep, motivation, income, wealth, wisdom, education, success, spirituality, helpful people.

Consultation Fees:

A consultation includes 2 appointments of approx 3hrs each.  My consultation is based on the compass school method.

1 Bedroom home  =  R750

2 Bedroom home  =  R900

3 Bedroom home  =  R1,200

4 Bedroom home  =  R1,600

5 Bedroom home  =  R2,000

Office / business included in house plus extra  =  R500

Business with up to 5 employees  =  R2,800

Business with up to 10 employees = R5,600

Physical help in rearranging and redecorating = R250/hour

Spiritual house cleansing = R600

(payment by direct EFT, or cash)

A consultation consists of:

  • An analysis of your current environment within your home / office
  • Careful considerations for your current problems in any area of your life
  • A full report is provided on 2nd appointment

What is required by you:

  • A4 copy of house/building plans
  • Date of birth of each person living/working within house or business
  • A clear indication of any current problems

Book your appointment here.  I am situated in the Garden Route, Western Cape, South Africa.

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