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Freedom to Thrive Evaluation

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Freedom to Thrive
Evaluation Freedom to Thrive
If you are currently using a mobile, please pay attention to how you cope with filling in this form. Bigger devices are recommended if you have problems. There are many forms like this one to complete your development.
Internet access is essential.
All these methods of communication are used.
Zoom is needed for 1 on 1 sessions.
0 not at all while 10 is fully committed.
Reading my book is not essential, but is highly recommended.
*If you live in South Africa, banking details for direct EFT payment of ZAR3,970.00/ monthly until you choose to cancel, and manual registration is then available on request only. Healing and Transformation takes time and this is why I am committed to seeing you through a full year or as long as needed. To be available for you when you need coaching & healing along the way. I am here to help you succeed.

I give permission

I understand by submitting this form, I agree to give Tina Cornish the right, to store my personal information offline as a pre-client. I understand that it will be kept in a confidential pre-client file offline and never shared with a third party. I understand that my personal information will only be used for the purpose of coaching and healing as a pre-client of Tina Cornish. I understand that if I no longer wish to become a client, I have the right to request that my personal file be deleted.

I look forward to helping you. I will do a personal evaluation and reply to you soon as I can. For now, please follow your intuition for your highest good. I know you have been guided here. Please ensure you have read my disclaimer before making any payments. You can now submit.

If you would like more information, use the live chat below to request a meet and greet appointment via zoom.

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