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Get your free vibe kit

What happens when you get your free vibe kit.

This vibe kit will open the doors to your journey of transformation.   If, you are serious about transforming your life, then this free vibe kit is for you.  Because, you have a great purpose in this life!  Of course, this could be just one of the reasons you have landed-up here.  Certainly, the universe guides to me, the people who have the desire to make lasting change, and wish to fulfill their soul potential.

Thrive and get your free vibe kit tina cornish

Why would you want this vibe kit?

Firstly, changing your vibration is essential to make any lasting changes in your life.  When you attend to your vibration the outer world responds and success begins.  Another, important key element, is having the intention to change your vibe.  Because, when your intention and vibration are in alignment with your desires, result show up.  For example, when you are calm, peaceful and focused on success, the vibe radiates into your energy field and the universe has no option, but to respond with a matching vibration.  As a result, you set-up the initial creation of miracles appearing in your life.

Find out what your vibe is like right now?

Start by, closing your eyes and focus on your body.  What does it feel like?  Are you stressed about some of your challenges?  Perhaps you are sick.  Is there tightness in a certain area of your body?  Feel your emotions, what are they telling you?  Connect with your thoughts.  This exercise, is the fastest way to assess what your vibratory state is, in any given moment.  Finally, the good news is you can change your vibe.

Also, practice by sensing other people around you.  What is their vibration like?  I am sure you know, that feeling when you walk into a room and everyone is smiling at you.  As a result, you suddenly begin smiling too.  This, is the ripple effect of, their vibration impacting yours.

Enjoy this free help that has just come your way – YOU ATTRACTED IT!

thrive in a new vibe free kit tina cornish

What are the contents of the vibe kit.

I highly recommended you get your free vibe kit as your Step 1

The reason, I would like to give you this free Vibe kit, is to help you to start shifting your vibration today.  Certainly, I know the feeling when you have been searching for help and find something that can assist you.  That success drive awakens and you feel your desires urging you to take action.

The vibe kit includes:

  Stress release audio meditation

Distant Reiki healing audio

Be Inspired movie

One free distant healing session

Yes, I would like to receive it.

vibe kit - thrive in a new vibe - tina cornish

Step 2 – Buy Be Aware

Do you have my book – Be Aware?  My book will also assist you in shifting your vibe and helping you to heal while you read it.  All of my transformational tips, keys and success tips are in the book.

Buy Be Aware - The Book

Read more about Be Aware

You may like to learn more about What is Reiki?

The Be Inspired movie is based on my original ebook and focuses on positive and inspiring affirmations.  From the ebook, Be Inspired went through it’s own transformation, into a 25min movie.  You will need to read the affirmations and relax with the background music and my delightful photos I took of the Garden Route, in South Africa (my home town).

Maybe, you want to learn more about what affirmations are, and how powerful they can be to shift your vibe.

Another service that is free, is my Dear Universe letter box.  Now, this can certainly help you to shift your vibe.

Dear Universe please help me personal letter box tina cornish

Have you heard about the Pay it Forward system?  Well, I have also activated it within my business.  So, do learn more about how it works.

Did you know that you can work with me through Be Aware Mastery and Soul Tour?

Perhaps you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Please like, share, comment and also click the bell if you subscribe and wish to be notified of new videos.

If you haven’t read about who I am, then please do pop on over to About Tina

Transform your life

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

creating the life you desire

shift your vibe and you shift your life

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