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Soul Tour e-cards

Soul Tour e-cards – Highly recommended for your Step 4

Soul Tour e-cards may just be the guidance you need to connect with daily.  Because, I have uniquely created these e-cards for you.  They will assist you to evolve and most certainly connect to your Soul.

soul tour wings with tina cornish

Introducing Soul Tour e-cards

Do you wish you had a clear direct access to your Soul for the guidance you want and need?   Let be me clear.  Of course, you are already connected to your Soul and it knows your exact pathway.  So, this is where Soul Tour can assist you.  As all that is missing is for you to become consciously aware of the messages and guidance, your Soul has to offer.

Therefore, I have created a fun and unique way for you to connect to your Soul and to know the guidance it gives you.

The biggest advantage is my added assistance of my unique coaching and healing as and when you need help and guidance. Together, as a team, we will shift any blocking beliefs, struggles and hurdles.

Your life is meant to be awesome!  Your Soul and I will help you breakthrough.

soul tour tina cornish

What is this Soul Tour e-cards all about?

  The Soul Tour is a full access membership to over 288 Soul Tour e-cards

  These e-cards are packed with healing and coaching guidance to connect you with your Soul

  Your Soul will guide you forward to choosing the correct e-cards for your current circumstances

  The e-cards will help you through a challenge you may have at that time

  They will give you inspiration, clarity, focus, guidance, healing, coaching

  You will Be Aware of your Soul communicating with you

  Also, you will learn how magnificent your Soul is

  Attractive benefits is the access to tips on Soul connection & an attunement

  As a result, you will gain confidence in your intuition

” your life will start to transform as you choose your first card”

Visit my Soul Tour membership platform to read more and join.

Try out Soul Tour e-cards

Here is an opportunity for you to experience these cards and guidance – for free.  All you have to do is follow this link or click on the open doors for you to get them.  I will email them to you over 7 days.  One card each day.

If you would like to receive 7 oracle cards for 7 days free click here

open doors to soul tour tina cornish

If you are looking for some free assistance, please do take a look at Dear Universe

Make sure you Get your free vibe kit.  Because, this kit is perfect to help you begin your journey of transformation.  Of course, the best part is you do not have to transform alone.  Because, I am here to help you.

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Soul Tour e-cards are bright and colourful

The bright colours are intended to stimulate a high vibe and fun in you.  After all, when you have fun in your life your vibe shifts all on its own.  We need a world filled with colour, especially if when you experience some challenges.  The image below is the rainbow of colours to choose from when you select a card of guidance.  They are only online and not physical.  And only available on my Soul Tour membership platform.

soul tour oracle cards tina cornish

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

Tina Cornish transforming life

trust your Soul to guide you


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