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Please answer the following questions and submit.  I use one form for both life coaching and reiki healing; this means you must complete the whole form.  It helps to streamline the best and most effective way in helping you.  You only need to complete and submit it once.  If you book for coaching and we discover you require healing and vice-a-verse, we can shift forward swiftly without filling in more forms.  It is long, so please allow sufficient undisturbed time to complete.  The more information you give, the more I am able to help you.  Your protection is respected.  The information you share is confidential, between you and I.  It is never shared with any third party.  After I receive your form via email, it is downloaded and kept confidential.  It is stored offline in a private client file and is not stored on this wordpress website.  You have the right to request your information be deleted, if you no longer wish to be a client.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:grey man thrive in a new vibe

starting is the first step to success, congratulations  

e.g. +27(0)741032738