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A reiki healer is a person who does healing for you.  Most often known as a reiki master, or reiki practitioner.  I am a reiki master.  Get your free vibe kit and you can get started.  You can also join me in my membership programs for deep long lasting healing shifts in your life.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel for some free videos – of online healing and coaching.


It is time for me to get to know you – StartUp This is the page for your StartUp to work with me.  Before I can help you, I have to get to know you and your challenges, too. You need to login to view the rest of the content. Please Login. Not a Member? …

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki and how can it help you Reiki healing (pronounced Ray-Key).  I will share with you the power and discipline behind it. What Reiki is, is a totally safe and natural energy healing modality.  It originates from Japan, using the natural universal life force energy that supports all of creation. The origin of …

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