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Why don’t affirmations work?  This can be because you are not aligned with the affirmation you are using.  I help you to clear any blockages to affirmations and help you create affirmations that will work for you. Internal conflict is a huge stumbling block with affirmations.  That is why the same affirmation can work for someone else.  You also want to ensure you are wording your affirmation correctly.  Affirmations are very powerful, so you really do want to make good use of them in your life.


What are affirmations and how to use them? Firstly, affirmations are positive phrases, statements or a declaration.  Secondly, their purpose is to guide you to new positive habits and experiences you want.  As well as, create new subconscious pathways.  Hence, they powerfully shift your vibration.  Certainly, if you use them with feeling.  As a result, …

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