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read be awareRead Be Aware to discover how I transformed my life.  You too can transform while you read.

book coachingIt is never too late to start creating a better life.  Book a coaching session for me to help you.

book a healingOften we need to clear ourselves from thoughts, illnesses, patterns, and beliefs that prevent us from transforming our life.  Book a healing session for help with this.

beaware mastery you are not aloneYes, it is now in your hands to take action.  Become a member of Be Aware Mastery, online coaching and healing for help you need.  I can help you succeed.

soultour oracle cardsWould you love to trust your own Soul guiding your way?  Membership with Soul Tour eCards will help you do just that and more.

be inspiredRead or watch Be Inspired the new movie to keep yourself motivated.  Be Inspired is full of photos of nature in the Garden Route and affirmations that inspire you.

learn to meditateMeditations are available for free if you have my Be Aware book.

free bookmarkerWith every purchase of Be Aware in any format, you are entitled to receive a free bookmarker, that I hand painted.

pay it forward I believe in Paying It Forward, to help those who are unable to pay for themselves. If you would like to contribute with a “Pay It Forward donation” to help someone in their life anonymously, donate here via Paypal.

are you ready to transform your lifeAre you ready to transform your life?  What if you decide to start right now?  What difference will that make in your life?  You have 3 options right now

  1. Read Be Aware
  2. Book a Healing session
  3. Book a Coaching session

Don’t know where you want to start?  Chat with me for guidance…

free helpDo you love free help?  Sometimes it is just what you need through a difficult time…

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