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Transform your life

Services I offer to transform your life.

I am so glad you have the interest to transform your life.  That desire can be both exciting and scary.  I know, as I have been through major transformation a couple of times in my life.  But, one thing I know for sure, is the breakthrough into your new life is just around the corner for you.  Because, I know you were guided here.  The universe is working with you and for you.  You must of been looking for a way to change your life successfully.  If you were then you in the right place.

On this page you will find some more guidance on how to work with me.  In fact, almost every page on my website is created in a way to help you shift your vibration a little more, each time you read my pages or watch my videos.

Now, because you are so unique, I want you to take my survey and tell me exactly what you want in your life.  Yes, I want to hear from you.  You never know I may just be able to assist you.

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About my services

I offer support to transform your life with a uniquely integrated blend of Reiki Healing and Holistic Life Coaching.  As a result, you achieve success faster and more effectively.

Below you will find my services with:

Full support   |   A little assistance   |   Free services

uniquely integrated blend of reiki healing and holistic life coaching

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full support

My full support is available through my membership platforms.  These memberships are focused on helping you to transform your life in successful ways.  They offer both Reiki Healing and Life Coaching to support you forward. 

Due to the current lock-down regulations there will not be any physically present Reiki healing session available.

Be Aware Mastery   |   Soul Tour   |  Reiki Healing Physical  |  Transform Today

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Be Aware Mastery

be aware mastery transform your life tina cornish

Become a member of Be Aware Mastery for full support with transforming your life

Helping you master your life successfully

Soul Tour

soul tour wings with tina cornish

Become a Soul Buddy!  Join membership for full support to connect to your Soul for expressing your full soul potential in your life.  Oracle cards with my interaction.

Reiki Healing

reiki healing tina cornish bed rose crystal

Reiki Healing physically present in Sedgefield, South Africa

Transform Today

transform today activate your thriving life tina cornish

Coming Soon!

Transform Today

little assistance

My services with a little assistance will help you in small bit size ways.  They are very helpful if you are not yet ready for my full support and attention.

Vibe Kit   |  Dear Universe   |   Shop

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tina cornish shop audios flowers crystals

Visit the shop for some of the latest products to help you transform your life.

Audios |  Books |  Coaching | Healing



Be Aware   |   Be Inspired   |   Book Freebies

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free help

Vibe Kit  |  Dear Universe  |   Videos   |   Pay it Forward

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Vibe Kit

free vibe kit tina cornish

This is the perfect way to start your transformational journey with me.

Get your free vibe kit

Dear Universe

Dear Universe please help me personal letter box tina cornish

Free letter box to help you release and let go.

Dear Universe


youtube video subscribe tina cornish

If you enjoy watching videos, then please do subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Ensure you click the bell button and YouTube will notify you when I release new videos.  You can head on over there and watch those I have already published.

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helpful website content

Look Inside   |   Work with Tina   |   How to Thrive

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Look Inside

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Look inside

This is a page that feeds the latest and greatest pages of interest.

Work with Tina

work with tina cornish coaching and healing

Work with Tina – category

Here you will find links to working with me to create the life your desire.

How to Thrive

you be aware book

How to Thrive – category

In this category you will find all articles aimed at assisting you to thrive.

Pay it Forward

pay it forward

I believe in Paying It Forward, to help those who are unable to pay for themselves. If you would like to contribute with a “Pay It Forward donation” to help someone in their life anonymously,

donate here via Paypal.

Helping you to transform your life!

Read my web content for some free guidance and help.

 There is more. Would you like to see inside?

Look Inside

Transform your life coach assistant to tina cornish

transform your life your way