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About Tina

thrive in a new vibe with tina

I am Tina Cornish, creator of Thrive in a New Vibe.  That helps success driven people with a desire for making lasting life changes.  Who are fed-up, stuck, sick, tired and frustrated with their life challenges.  To create a new healthy, happy and abundant vibration.  To achieve a successful, long-lasting transformation in their life and enable them to thrive and live out their full Soul Potential.

This sums up what thrive in a new vibe is all about.

Does this fit you?

I am passionate about empowering you to heal, and transform with love and appreciation for your life.

I remember…

My repeated illnesses, drained my life.  I felt frustrated and trapped.  In fact, I was just surviving in my life from the after-effects and trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  It prevented me from living my life fully.  Although, I can clearly remember lying on my bed so sick and depressed, with just my dream of a better life.  It was a guiding glimmer of hope to live by the sea, walk on the beach, feeling completely healthy and free.   A place where I could allow myself to thrive, that motivated a full life transformation.  I changed my career, my marriage crumbled into a divorce and my finances took a deep dive down to zero.

Well, I managed to transform every area of my life.  Today I am free, healthy, living by the sea.  In an awesome relationship with my second husband and doing work I am passionate about.  Being deeply connected and highly creative, gives me the motivation and energy to take action on my inspired thoughts.  I get to, and truly love to walk and cycle on the beach anytime I want to.  It is so empowering to know I had the courage and commitment to make the changes.  As a result I am so happy and thriving in my new vibe.

I want to help you to experience your best life too.

“I believe that if I can thrive in a new vibe, so can you”

If you would like to read about my own journey of awakening and how you can get started to transform your life in the comfort of your home, then I highly recommend you go here for more information about my book.

“Be Aware”

Perhaps you may like to take some time to explore my website and discover ways you can begin to

“Transform your life”

My qualifications and experience

In 2003, I qualified as Reiki Master and more recently a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I am working with God, a team of Archangels, and Ascended Masters to bring forth an ever-expanding higher dimensional energy to assist you to transform your own consciousness, through the Christ-light field.  I am here to help you become aware; to understand and translate, the universal divine order, that is already taking place in your life?

I am also certified in colour therapy, Let’s Talk communication skills, merkaba meditation, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) and have studied and used crystals, meridian therapy, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), ho’oponopono, and feng shui.  Born in Zimbabwe, I now reside in Sedgefield, South Africa.

So as an Author, Reiki Master, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Colour Therapist, I am able to assist you uniquely.  Often, I will use a variety of techniques like NLP and EFT, to help you transform your life.  With my unique ability to combine reiki and life coaching, I can assist you to reach your highest purpose.

My Mission

thrive in a new vibe mission

My mission is to assist you to awaken, heal, be empowered, be motivated, and transform your life into your highest purpose.

*Awaken *Heal *Empower *Motivate *Transform

my mission in thrive in a new vibe

Would you like my helping hand to transform your life?

Visit my other sites: beaware.tinacornish.co.za | soultour.tinacornish.co.za| transformtoday.tinacornish.co.za

I believe in Paying It Forward, to help those who are unable to pay for themselves.  So if you feel called to give a “Pay It Forward donation” to anonymously help someone in their life, donate here via Paypal


“I see life as a puzzle of a million pieces, waiting for the divine moment to fit together perfectly, to bring unique healing experiences into your life”