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About Tina

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I am Tina Cornish, the owner of Thrive in a New Vibe. I help men and women with a desire for success, to heal and transform. Together we create the life you desire. Awaken your divine spark and thrive in your full soul potential. Are you ready for your new vibe?

If you are fed-up, stuck, sick, tired and frustrated with your life challenges, then I will assist you to create a new healthy, happy and abundant vibration.  I intend to help you achieve a successful, long-lasting transformation in your life and enable you to thrive and live out your full Soul Potential.

Do you feel the growing desire to make a change in your life?

I am passionate about empowering you to heal, and transform with love and appreciation for your life.


I remember…you and tina together creating the life you desire

My repeated illnesses, drained my life.  I felt frustrated and trapped.  In fact, I was just surviving in my life from the after-effects and trauma of childhood sexual abuse.  Which, prevented me from living my life fully.  Although, I can clearly remember lying on my bed so sick and depressed, with just my dream of a better life.

It was, a desire and guiding glimmer of hope, that kept me highly motivated.  Because, I had always wanted to live by the sea, walk on the beach.  So my combined desire for the sea and wish of being completely healthy and free, sparked my creative drive to manifest it all into existence.   Deep down, I knew the sea would be a place where I could allow myself to thrive.  As a result it motivated a full life transformation.

I changed my career, my marriage unexpectedly crumbled into a divorce, and my finances took a deep dive down to zero.  Well in the end, I managed to transform every area of my life so successfully.  Perhaps, you have a desire to do the same with your life.


I am free, healthy, living by the sea.  In an awesome relationship with my second husband and doing work I am passionate about.  Being deeply connected and highly creative, gives me the motivation and energy to take action on my inspired thoughts.  I get to, and truly love to, walk and cycle on the beach anytime I want.  It is so empowering to know I had the courage and commitment to make the changes.  As a result I am so happy and thriving in my new vibe.

I want to help you to experience your best life too.

“I believe, if I can thrive in a new vibe, so can you”

More About Tina…

In my spare time I love to crochet, up-cycle and re-purpose all kinds of things.  I am one of those creative DIY (do it yourself) people.  I just love the ability to transform something that is old into something new with a greater purpose.  Often, I will rearrange and decorate our home and my office.  What can I say, I love change!  Also, I love to doodle, colour-in, and do dotty art.  My creativity always bubbles out of me naturally.  I like all colours, but my favourite is apple green and turquoise blue.

About Tina – personal appearance.

tina cornish manifesting

I am most comfortable wearing jeans and t-shirts and my own crochet tops.  When I left the corporate world as an executive Personal Assistant, I cleared out my cupboard and donated my corporate clothing to hospice.  I may have looked very smart in that clothing, but I was never comfortable.  So, I decided to become my more casual and authentic self.  Sometimes I will dress-up but not often.

I do wear make-up (sometimes).  I am allergic to lip-stick so don’t use it.  Instead I use a coloured lip-balm that doesn’t cause any problems for me.  In fact, friends have commented how I appear to be quite comfortable to show-up without make-up on.  Well that is only as a result, of learning to love and accept myself fully.  It is not that I don’t care about my appearance, I just prefer to be and keep my skin, as natural as possible.

Of course, I have those bad hair days too.  I used to have long hair which just did not work well with my new fitness lifestyle on the beach.  Especially in a cycling helmet, so I had it cut short and really prefer it.

About Tina – health and fitness.

I believe in maintaining my health and fitness, so I exercise regularly.  Sometimes I do yoga and my own style of exercises.  But, most often I walk on the beach and cycle on the beach, in the mountains and forests.  I am a water baby and love swimming.  But I must say I prefer heated pools.  Mostly because, they don’t have any creepy crawlies, like snakes and jelly fish etc.  Although, I must admit that I do love to float down the river mouth at our local beach, when the tide is going out.

About Tina – nutrition.

I eat healthy foods balanced, in the banting way and love to drink water, rooibos tea and black coffee with organic coconut oil.  I never drink anything fizzy or sweet.   There are times I indulge in the unhealthy cakes and I just love dark chocolate.  Fortunately my husband enjoys baking banting muffins or biscuits which are more tummy friendly for me.  I am intolerant to cows milk and gluten. Sometimes I make my own almond milk and add it to my coffee.

About Tina – spirit.

Apparently, I am always smiling with a bubbling vibrant energy.  That is what others tell me.  Although, I am aware of my serious side that many may not get to see so often.  I love crystals and incense.  My most loved incense is spiritual guide, then sandalwood.  My daily routine of meditation and reiki healing as I am waking-up, keeps me well balanced.

I am very spiritual but not religious and don’t go to church, yet I am connected to God all the time.  I got to know God directly in my own way. Perhaps, this is what helps me not to judge any religions.

I always go with the flow, meaning I follow my inner guidance and therefore quite spontaneous.  What I love the most, is when people show me respect as this gives me ongoing proof that I have cleared my previous attraction pattern of abuse.

Want to know even more About Tina?

If you would like to read about my own journey of awakening and how you can get started to transform your life in the comfort of your home, then I highly recommend you go here for more information about my book.

“Be Aware”

Have you received your Free Vibe Kit?  If not, you can get it now.

Perhaps you may like to take some time to explore my website and discover ways you can begin to

“Transform your life”

My qualifications and experience.

In 2003, I qualified as Reiki Master and more recently a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I am working with God, a team of Archangels, and Ascended Masters to bring forth an ever-expanding higher dimensional energy to assist you to transform your own consciousness, through the Christ-light field.  I am here to help you become aware; to understand and translate, the universal divine order, that is already taking place in your life?

I am also certified in colour therapy, Let’s Talk communication skills, merkaba meditation, NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming) and have studied and used crystals, meridian therapy, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), ho’oponopono, and feng shui.  Born in Zimbabwe, I now reside in Sedgefield, South Africa.

So as an Author, Reiki Master, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Colour Therapist, I am able to assist you uniquely.  Often, I will use a variety of techniques like NLP and EFT, to help you transform your life.  With my unique ability to combine reiki and life coaching, I can assist you to reach your highest purpose.

Introduction to my branded virtual assistant.

Now, because I am a Soulpreneur, I have hired a virtual assistant.  Let me introduce you: The little grey person below.  I call it a man, but sometimes it is a women.  You decide want you would like this assistant to be for you.

At the bottom of most of my website pages, you will find my little assistant.  He/she is always holding a puzzle piece. Because, I believe “life is a puzzle of a million pieces…”  You will also notice, the colourful glowing and thriving heart.  With it, comes a valuable insight for you to Be Aware of.  Just one of those million pieces.   So, you always want to make sure you get to read to the bottom of the page.

The colour of the heart.  Beige is for Thrive in a New Vibe, Green is for Be Aware Mastery, Blue is for Soul Tour and Violet is for Transform Today.  The fifth one is me.  Of course, my heart is in it all.  You will also notice that they each represent a part of my mission.  Beige for Awaken.  Green for Heal.  Blue for Empower.  Violet for Motivate.  And as for me, I incorporate it all to assist you to Transform and express your full Soul Potential.

My Mission

Virtual Assistant to Tina Cornish for thrive in a new vibe with puzzle piece and heart

My mission is to assist you to awaken, heal, be empowered, be motivated, and transform your life into your highest purpose.

*Awaken *Heal *Empower *Motivate *Transform

Assisstants, Awaken Heal Empower Motivate Transform with Tina Cornish

Would you like my helping hand to transform your life?

I believe in Paying It Forward

To help those who are unable to pay for life changing help, that they may truly be in need of.  So if you feel called to give a “Pay It Forward donation” to anonymously help someone in their life, donate via Paypal and read more about how it works.

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“I see life as a puzzle of a million pieces, waiting for the divine moment to fit together perfectly, to bring unique healing experiences into your life”

Tina's Life Coach Assistant on thrive in a new vibe