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Be Aware – book reviews

Be Aware is a book with a sincere message for the growth of one’s consciousness which through being alert will lead and nurture a healing guidance to positive living which leads the divine way to emotional wellness on life’s journey.   The message is connected to all areas of your life, in the present, which becomes the past and inspires the future.  Her story demonstrates a greater sense of purpose in life which taps into more joyful living.  “Be Aware” is a book where Tina encourages one to reap the mental, spiritual and physical benefits and her internal dialogue is intimately connected to our physical body owing to who we are.  “Be Aware” is the essence therefore of functional mind-body connection and is therefore powerful with emotional health as a cornerstone in achieving full-body vibrance.  –
Cherry Viljoen – appreciation for sincere and supportive truth to spiritual knowledge.
Be Aware is truly a gift! The world is ready to accept this!  This is a reminder to me to keep my past hurt where it belongs: the Past!  I re-discovered Archangel Chamuel in my life: for help with uplifting from loneliness!  May your book reach/help/inspire/transform many!  I am more Aware now!  Thank you!  I am proud of you! – Tiela Rabie.

Be Inspired – book reviews

Be Inspired, In the spirit of the Garden Route, South Africa – ebook pdf – ISBN: 978-0-620-73420-2

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Be Aware – For your awakening consciousness, How to transform your life.

Kindle ebook – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72213-1

Paperback – Be Aware by Tina Cornish ISBN: 978-0-620-72212-4

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