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Please read this disclaimer

About this disclaimer.  By working with me, Tina Cornish, you understand and agree to the following:  Firstly, you will receive my professional intuitive and skilled assistance, guidance and healing.

Energy frequency

Understand that, from the first moment of interaction, you enter a higher supportive energy frequency.  This is one of healing, transformational coaching and guidance.  It is an energy field of love, respect and integrity that holds the space of your purest well-being and highest good.  In other words, you are plugging into an energy system to help you embrace your full soul potential and allow it to emerge through you, in-order for you to thrive in your life.  So, I give it to you with great love, respect and integrity.

Healthcare disclaimer

You understand that by participating in all communications you acknowledge that I am not a licensed or registered psychologist or health care professional.  So, my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.  Therefore, healing and coaching is not substituted as psychological counseling, or any other type of therapy or medical advice.  Because, truthfully and holistically, they can all work together.

I exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care, including my intuitive guidance to help you.  Also, I do not diagnose or treat any diseases or disorders.  So, you are advised to always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.

Comfort zone

You understand that while working with me, you may encounter some moments which appear harsh and challenging, during any healing and transformation.   It relates to your own circumstances. This is often due to the resistance and insecurity of shifting out of your comfort zone.  The phase will pass as it is an essential passage for your growth and expansion.  It will assist you to embrace your full soul potential.

Full responsibility

Also, you understand that you are the only person in control of your life, at all times.  In other words, nobody ever controls you.  Therefore, I encourage you to take full responsibility for your life.  So, always listen to your gut feeling and follow your own intuition.  Lovingly take and accept what resonates with you and respectfully disregard that which does not resonate.  At no time do I control you, heal you, or transform you.  Because, you are in charge of it all, through your own free will.  Your own body is divinely aligned to heal itself.  When working with me you are empowered, inspired and guided through your transformation, which you are fully responsible for.  So, I am purely your guide, channel, conduit and amplifier.

No Money back guarantee

I do not give a money back guarantee, on any products or services.  Because, your financial exchange is an investment in your own personal growth, which you willingly enter into.  Your financial offering is an energy exchange of appreciation and gratitude for the guidance, wisdom, skills, knowledge and experience that I share with you.  I cannot and would not, take away what I give you, therefore it is only fair that you do not expect a financial return in any way or form.  I cannot guarantee you will do the work that is required, you are in charge, with your own free will.

What I do guarantee

I can only guarantee my full professional commitment to supporting you with love and respect.  Because, I know that all I offer in services and products, do work.  I have proven results.  All products and services are all created authentically and with your highest good in mind.  This means they will serve you with exactly what you require at the time.  The law of attraction is always supporting you.

The outcome

Therefore, you are fully in charge of the outcome and results you achieve during healing and transformation.  You freely and willing enter into agreement to working with and receiving all that I offer to you.

Freedom to Exit

Of course, you have your own freedom to exit this working relationship at any time, if you feel it is necessary.  In other words, you will never be forced to complete what you started.

Signed with Love, Light and Respect

Tina Cornish

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