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On this page you will find some testimonials.  You can also share yours.  Of course, you are not forced to share, either.  But, testimonials are helpful for other people.  You may also remain anonymous.

Testimonials from clients

Testimonial 1 – At age 83, effective release from abandonment and trauma in the war as a child.

thumbs up women tina cornishThis is an expression of my appreciation of what you have done for me.  For the first time in many decades I find that I am no longer haunted by the memories of my earlier years.  The nightmares that woke me up screaming, and scaring my wife over the years are gone.  I am no longer plagued by visions of my earlier life, so long ago.  The misery of those memories are gone and have not returned, leaving me emotionally stable.  I am forever in your debt. – Deccan Trapps.  Pandora’s box has closed.thumbs up men tina cornish

I just want to say to you, “It is never too late to heal” – Tina Cornish

Testimonial 2 – Effective release from deep anger created in childhood.

thumbs up women tina cornishThank You, Tina.

I am sincerely grateful for your powerful healing touch of Reiki.  You have done far more than heal me on a physcial level.  When first coming in contact with your Reiki touch, I thought I had transformed all I could.  I was wrong.  You have helped transform my life into something I never imagined possible.

For the first time I feel so alive and at peace with myself.  I have let go of all anger, frustrations and worries.  The positive energy I have within is unbelievable.  Many have noticed the amazing change in me.

I am so relaxed and appreciate my life so much more.  Now, I have this ability to see the true beauty in everything and everyone around me.  I feel, I have had my true potential unlocked.  In this universe there are many special beings, then there are those like you, special angels.  With sincere gratitude. – Karen.thumbs up men tina cornish

Testimonial 3 – effective opening of a blocked heart chakra.

thumbs up women tina cornishTina, you are so special.  Thank you for helping me to change.  It feels so wonderful to connect so closely to another soul again and to share something in common.  The way in which you show how you care, made a tremendous impact on me.  You are a bright light in my life.  I hope others in your life see just how special you are.  With a whole lot of unconditional love – Stacey A.thumbs up men tina cornish

Testimonial 4 – effectively released fears and judgements, which blocked soul potential.

thumbs up women tina cornishLike stars where placed in the sky to shine, so were you placed on earth to shine.  Thanks so much for helping me to find my calling.  I am now so motivated and focused.  For the first time in my life, I now believe in myself.  I have courage and confidence to go for it.  So, thank you, I really appreciate all your assistance.  You have truly made a world of difference in my life.  –  Stella V R.thumbs up men tina cornish

Testimonial 5 – at age 56, effective release of sexual abuse as a child.

thumbs up women tina cornishI had been seeing a psychologist for 5 years.  In the first session I was put onto anti-depressant tablets.  Which, I continued with and had no effective results with the psychologist.  Then a miracle happened and I stumbled upon you, Tina.  As you would call it guidance.  Well the guidance to you was the best ever.  In my 2nd session, you directed me to my core cause of depression.  It was the secret of my sexual abuse as a child.  You are the first person I have ever felt so comfortable with to tell.  I never ever thought what happened to me as a child would impact my life so deeply with depression.  After 6 months, I have completely weaned myself off the anti-depressant tablets.  I feel so alive and free.  Thank you so much.  You truly are a miracle worker. – Gail D.thumbs up men tina cornish

One of my clients gave their testimonial to me on a bookmarker.  The wording on it is lovely, so I am sharing it with you.

What does “Thank You” Really Mean?

When it comes from the heart, from deep inside, the nicest feelings and the most special thoughts, “thank you” means so much.  It means, thank you for taking the time to show that you care.  It means “you really made my day,” and sometimes it means that you really make all the days so much better.  “Thank you” means you make me feel so nice, and I wish I could do the same for you…  Just by letting you know how much you mean to me. – It was written by Chris Gallatin and printed by Blue Mountain Arts.

thriving heart tina cornishSo, I have a challenge for you

How about Paying It Forward.  See if you are able to tell three people a day, how much you care.  Your thank you, might just be what they need in their life right now.  Reach out and show your appreciation.

paying it forward challenge tina cornish

Lastly, your experience from working with me is unique to you.  However, it can make a powerful impact for someone else.  Therefore, I encourage to share a testimonial here.  Your privacy is still respected and you can remain anonymous.  The choice is yours.

It really is never too late to heal.  If you are holding onto something from your past then you may want to make use of my free service – Dear Universe

Head on over to my YouTube channel for some videos, that could make a difference in your life.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

thrive in a new vibe

say thank you to someone today – let it come from your heart