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The authentic way to

Awaken ~ Breakthrough ~ Connect ~ Activate

with Support

One full package of essential solutions to become authentically empowered.

Freedom to Thrive essential solutions

Offering you the ultimate transformation of self-growth and empowerment.  Your stress, frustration and limitations are about to become a thing of the past. Those challenges that have been repeating in your relationships, finances, career and health can all be eased, changed and radically transformed. That burning desire you have for a much better life can truly become a reality for you.

Revamp all sectors of your life

  self-growth, awareness & development   career finances  home & family

relationships & communication  health & fitness   spirituality fun & leisure

“Your True Freedom stands before you”

Is Freedom to Thrive for YOU?

“Your opportunity that you have been searching for, is here”

This is for you if you…


have a desire to…

Let go and be free.

Open and expand your awareness.

Breakthrough the patterns blocking you.

Commit to taking action for yourself.

Heal, transform and rejuvenate your life for good.

Create the life you wish or desire to live.

Find and activate your higher purpose in life to flow through you easily.

Connect to your Soul and be fully empowered and expand your spiritually.

have experienced any kind of…

Abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, mental, emotional or spiritual)



Chronic or repeated illness

Financial loss or difficulties

Career loss or unhappiness in job

Relationship loss or repeated attraction of an unhealthy relationship

Feeling of not belonging


are holding onto…









stress and overwhelm

or not wanting to forgive.



Negative inner mind chatter.

Thoughts that keep you stuck.

Beliefs that do not serve you.

Feel overwhelming emotions.

Being stuck, feeling hopeless and helpless.

Feel disconnected.

Struggle to achieve goals.

Stuck in multiple areas of your life.

Keep feeling an internal nudge (your intuition) prompting you to make a change.

“Embrace your power to be the amazing person you are meant to be”


Imagine what it will feel like when you Breakthrough…

Your Emotional Pain, Limiting Thoughts and Limiting Beliefs.

Discover what is blocking and preventing you from the happy and fulfilled life you want.

Together we will dissolve, clear, heal and transform it.

“You no longer need to be stuck”

  You will feel the freedom and lightness.  It is really a possibility for you.

  Wake-up every morning with the deep long-lasting sense of love, joy, gratitude and real happiness flowing through you. 

“It will put a smile on your face”

An incredible peacefulness expands as you access the real you.

  No more suffering, hurt, heart-ache, fear and stress.

If you have experienced any kind of trauma in your life, then you are in the right place.  Even if the trauma happened when you were a child, we can set YOU free.

  Take charge of your health and dissolve illness.  Find wellness again.

Can you imagine what it feels like to step into your own power and create a life you actually want wholeheartedly?

“Our new world needs you to evolve into your full potential”


Connect to the core of who you really are

Your Soul is calling.

You will learn to…

Open your awareness and allow the conscious connection to flow through you.

Feel the fulfillment.  Get to do it in a fun and easy way.

As we build on your awareness, your connection to your Soul becomes simple and immediate. 

Know your purpose in life and have the confidence to express it into this world.

Trusting your intuition more as you discover how accurate it is.  No longer feeling lost and running in frustrating circles.

You will discover how the whole of life, in fact the whole universe, is fully supporting you and guiding you every step of the way.

Now there is a full connection to every area of your life.  So you will find the flow of change taking place in all areas.  The change is truly for your highest good.  There is no need to feel overwhelmed or stressed as you are completely equipped to go with the flow of it all.

  Find your balance.

“Your Soul has many possibilities for you.

When you decide to take action, you have your full Soul support for it to become a real experience”

Active your thriving life

We will Activate your OWN thriving vibe into all those areas of your life.

Your energy will be revamped

As we give attention to each area of your life 

   You will experience an evolving into your full expression.

Conquer your inner mind chatter and get it to work with you instead of against you.

   Experience real joy, love and gratitude as you will find your balance.

  You will learn how to Activate it into a continuous flow for the rest of your life.

your one full solution

What you get & How it is delivered

This FULL package of essential solutions is a step-by-step study and support system. 

  The unity of  Soul Tour, Be Aware Mastery, Transform Today.  Your learning, healing and transforming is online here at Thrive in a New Vibe through a secure  platform that is protected for your privacy.

   Interactive tasks, tools and essential keys laid out for you to master and activate your learning.

Fully integrated healing and coaching guidance and support, which boosts you into transformation.

Audios, videos, online instructions and pdf downloads, online forms to be completed for easy submission – designed to transform you while you fill them in.

   This is where your freedom begins.  Even though I have laid out the steps to follow, I have designed it in a way that you have the full freedom to jump forward or backward to any part you feel is the most urgent for you.  Take as long as you like, to fully absorb the greatness it offers you.  

  You can mark off each page you have completed, and still get to revisit it any time you like.

  You get to do it all from the comfort of your home.


1 year of personal growth and development is recommended.  However, you will be subscribing to a monthly commitment until you choose to cancel. 

Essential solutions for anyone who is awakening and taking respectful time to heal and transform.

This is one of the most abundant packages available today.


soul tour

Soul Tour offers

An attunement audio, including tips on how to consciously connect to your Soul.

288 unique Soul Tour e-cards to use any time of day or night to discover your Soul’s communication.

The Soul Tour e-cards relate to all areas in your life that teach, guide and assist you.

Shine a little light on this live chat access for help at any time, directly from any card that triggers your need for help and guidance.

They build your confidence to connect daily to your Soul for guidance.

Become aware of your Soul communicating with you.  Boosts your intuition.

Be Aware Mastery offers

15 effective transforming tools.  Manifest more effectively.  Attract the perfect people, things and events to you.

14 steps to gather and fit your puzzle of life together.  Learning to listen to your body and heal it naturally.

Learn and work on the 7 Stages of healing, with 7 essential keys to release and heal.  Shift through forgiveness and judgements into gratitude.  

Discover if you are expressing your life purpose within your career and life, or hiding it.  Align with your life purpose. Understand your life (past and present) from your higher perspective as a Soul.

Find out how to balance, shift and create your life that you want.

Learn to meditate, connect and expand your spirituality.  With assistance from God and your spirit guides, guardian angels, archangels.  With guided meditation audios for opening and building your awareness.

Interactive tasks that get you transforming.  Based on my book – Be Aware – for your awakening consciousness – how to transform you life.

Transform Today offers

A deeper dive and focus into…

Actively clearing your energy and step into your abundant flow for your life to spiral upward into your success.

Understanding your beliefs and patterns and why they block you.  Get the Radical Blueprint that gives solutions to clear them.

Your money problems and how to change them for success – in the Money Motions module. Disconnect from your genetic poverty patterns. Create your own wheel of fortune.

Go into the core of relationship patterns and difficulties.  Discover how to transform any relationship.

Your healing and transformation techniques to effectively release and clear trauma, hurt, fears and breakthrough any patterns and beliefs that are blocking your life.  Using my Triple Healing Expansion Principle, and Accelerated Awakening Formula.

How to switch into your higher state of being at any given moment.

Includes an abundant and expanding directory of audios and videos to do specific healing and shifting, relating to all areas of life.  Fully aimed at awakening you to become the empowered leader in your life.  Clearing your energy field and activating your new thriving vibe from the inside out.

And that’s not all…


Full and Unique Support aligned to you. 

You will have access to direct and exclusive connection with me for any help you need.

Unlimited text support as well as via : email / live chat (or leave a message).

Private ‘Power Sessions’ via zoom at specific points of your growth.  Providing deeper and more personally aligned assistance for transformation as needed.

I know that your uniqueness calls for specific attention as you go through the process of transformation and you may require more help in one area of your life.  So in this FULL package you have an unlimited amount of sessions offered to you. 

“Your sharing and my caring smooths the way for easier change in your life” 

What is required from you?

Your full commitment to your own self-development, healing, growth and transformation.  The dedication and commitment you give to yourself truly makes your journey of awakening and evolving an all round success.

Your willingness to go beyond what you know today.

So now, the decision is up to you.

In fact, just take a moment now to pause.  Close your eyes and breathe deep.  Feel within, why you have attracted this offer?  Why were you guided here at this moment in your life?  Is it your time to find the highest purpose and awaken to who you really are in this life now?  Does your life need to be rejuvenated?

Are you are ready to create the life you truly desire living?

“Your Soul has been calling to you for attention”

Is it your time to give it your attention?

The healing, transformation and support uplifts this package far and beyond any standard offer available online.

Is Freedom to Thrive for YOU?

There is a fully expanded version of you that your Soul wants to express and experience in this life.


Is Freedom to Thrive for YOU?

Can you relate?

I had reached my goal of career success in the corporate world as a Personal Assistant and I fully expected to be satisfied and fulfilled.  Well, I was not and felt something was missing.  I had a deep inner knowing that something greater was within me.  A higher purpose.  Perhaps you can relate to this.  I did not settle until I decided I had to make a change and follow my heart.  I did, and this is where my Personal Assistant career evolved to.  Today I am a trained Healer, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and more, now available for you.  The journey I took after exiting the corporate world, gave me the time I needed to heal and transform myself.  I healed through my ‘secret’ child-hood sexual abuse experience and evolved into my greatest version of myself.  I shifted through a divorce and got to experience life with no money or home.  Today I am grateful for all those experiences and so happy to be thriving.

I am living from my FULL SOUL POTENTIAL, ready to help you do the same.

This offer has come directly to you from me.  With great love, Tina Cornish.

Is Freedom to Thrive for YOU?

For now you can take this free evaluation to find out if this is right for you.

thrive in a new vibe with tina cornish

Is Freedom to Thrive for YOU?