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Pay It Forward

Do you believe in Paying it Forward?

I believe in Paying It Forward, to help those who are unable to pay for themselves.  If you would like to give a “Pay It Forward donation” to help someone in their life anonymously, donate here via Paypal.

Where does Paying It Forward come from?

The movie, Pay it Forward in the year 2000, starring Haley Joel Osment, Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt.  So, this is where I first discovered it and was inspired to continue this concept in my life and business. I am committed to make a difference in the world.  It is a wonderful movie to watch, if you haven’t seen it.

How does Pay it Forward work?

Basically, it requires that you make a random act of kindness to three or more people.  Especially someone you don’t know and you give without any expectation of reward or recognition.   In other words, they don’t pay you back but instead, they in turn are encouraged to Pay it Forward to others, and so on and so forth.  Just a pure act of generosity, kindness and love to help inspire and grow humanity.

Positively Powerful!

Pay it Forward creates a positive vibration, no matter what it is, or how small the gesture is.  If it helps another, it makes a huge difference in their life.  I believe these acts of kindness are a powerful way of creating miracles.  It immediately shifts a person into gratitude and even believing in miracles, where they may not have done so before.  I find it positively transformational.  Especially when it triggers the feelings of gratitude, happiness, surprise and makes a person feel really special.  Can you imagine if every human did “Pay it Forward” in their lives?  Wow!

Karmic benefits

If you believe in karma, this act is certainly shifting you into the good vibration to receive greater abundance and good things coming forward to you in the future.  There are many ways to give.  Do a little exercise and write down all the ways you can make a difference.  You will be surprised when so many ideas begin flowing through you.  When you are out there interacting in the world the ideas and opportunities will come forward to you.  I encourage you to make a change in your life right now.  Try to Pay it Forward daily, even if it is just for one stranger, or even someone you know.  Trust me your vibration will shift.  Remember, it can be such a simple gesture that could make a huge difference in a life.

How does Pay it Forward work in my business?

This Pay it Forward is in the means of a financial donation.  It contributes toward helping another person to enter into Freedom to Thrive.  This financially enables me to Pay Forward my expertise to support them to transform their lives.

You donate whatever you are comfortable with and then I give a person in need the help they require.

In my business, I allow you to donate for a friend or a loved too.  You can choose to remain anonymous to the receiver.  If you have someone in mind, you only have to give me their contact details and I will pass it on make the offer of my services.  If you would like to receive the surprise gift I give you, to say thank you for your donation, please contact me.  If you happen to be one of those people who really need my services, but unable to afford it, let me know.

“Helping those who are unable to pay for themselves”

Yes, I want to Pay It Forward

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

thrive in a new vibe

help another, and you help yourself