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Orbs on Be Aware Cover

Did you notice the orbs on the cover of my book – Be Aware?

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I took these photos at a backpackers venue – Away with The Fairies in Hogsback, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I had the orbs on the cover of my book interpreted by Carol De Vasconcelos.  Carol is the orb lady for Diana Cooper from South Africa.

Orbs Interpretation of Be Aware Cover

The orb picture on your cover is the reflective light of the sun – this is when one take a picture directly into the sun you get this formation, however there are other energies at work here, the sun is used to energize the orbs I see.

The golden orb in your picture feels like a inner child orb I see a little girl and a dragon inside this orb as well as a fairy orb the white and green inside this orb, that tells me that the fairies and elementals want to work with you, if they are not already doing this.  The gold from the orb is the wisdom you brought in at birth and the need to work with the Christ Consciousness. The Dragon is to rekindle the magic and work with dragons as well.  Then the green flying saucer is the healing that can be experienced through opening yourself up to all of these energies. The blue and pink at the bottom of this orb picture is the energy of Archangel Michael (blue) and the Cosmic Heart (pink) indicating that Archangel Michael is working with you on your book , your book will assist you to cut many cords and express your personal truth. And that many people’s hearts as well as yours will be opened by the information you will be sharing.  (cosmic heart)

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