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Be Still

Be Still – Meditations

This Be Still meditations page will cover a lot about meditation.  This is where you can also find the free meditation audios that appear in my book Be Aware.

Do You know what meditation is?

Meditation is the time when you are silent and still; a time to receive your message of guidance from your God.  I believe prayer and meditation go hand in hand.  It is an exercise of the mind.

Meditation is a very valuable and important tool for a powerful transformation in your life.  With regular practice you will expand your awareness greatly.  In Be Aware both the book and Mastery membership, I teach you more about how to meditate, with guided, focused meditations to do.  If you are new to meditation, then my key tips for meditating are essential.

What are the benefits of meditation

Firstly, there are many.  So, I shall just cover a few here.  The greatest benefit is the opening of your consciousness.  The start of your awakening.  But, of course meditation is also focused on relaxing your mind and your body.  It gives you mental clarity and understanding.  Certainly, aids in healing the body, mind and emotions.  Meditation opens you to your creativity and problem-solving ideas.  Most definitely useful in opening your awareness for self-development.

Learn more about meditating effectively

In my book Be Aware, I teach you 8 successful steps to follow for meditating.  This is to provide you with a very safe and effective method to do your meditations.  Especially, if you are new to meditating.  The 8 steps will give you focused, powerful intentions, for meditation that can provide you with incredible results.  After all, effective results is what you want from anything you do.  Right?  At the bottom of this page is one of my YouTube videos with a meditation for you.

Be Still – Meditations are FREE from Be Aware Book

Yes, If you have the book Be Aware (in any format), you can download the audio meditations that appear in the book, for FREE.

It is password protected.  The password is the last two words of my quote found in the Afterword of Be Aware.  The quote that follows the words “I now leave my moments of awareness in your hands with a questions for you.  Use only the two words in capitals as you see it in the book.  If you have problems please contact me.   Get your Be Aware Meditations.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

Be still meditations with Tina's life coach assistant transforming your life

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