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Be Aware – The Book

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Be Aware

For your awakening consciousness – How to transform your life

Is the book Be Aware for you?

Yes! Know that if you are reading this right now, it is no co-incidence; it is divine guidance. You will find something of significance within, for your highest good.

Be Aware is one of those books that shifts your vibration and triggers your healing and transformation while you read it.

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What the book offers you

In Be Aware.

You will go behind the scenes of my personal journey of healing and transformation.

I have shared my process of awakening in the first section, ‘My Consciousness Healing Moments’.

So, through my personal experience you learn to discover why it is so important for you to Be Aware in your life.  Because, I demonstrate how to view and transform your life from a higher perspective.

Also, my journey takes you through the after-effects of childhood sexual abuse and illness to healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, thoughts, mental telepathy, meditation, relationships, career changes, spirit guides, guardian angels, and Archangels.

‘Be Aware’ will gently trigger your healing and guide you through a process of transformation in your own life.

Therefore, allow this book to be the divine guidance in your journey of awakening, self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Be Aware is written to

Teach, guide and inspire you to move forward into your own conscious healing moments and transform your life.

One of the most important reasons I have shared my personal experience, is to help you.  Because, when we can relate to any experience, our energy shifts, as it resonates.  Also, it helps you to know that you are not alone.  Especially, if some of your own experiences have been difficult.  I am sure, you know that feeling of being isolated and alone.  So, as I am here to help you, you may just resonate with my experiences.  I especially, reveal my thoughts, as these are key for you to Be Aware of.

The second section of Be Aware is all about.


Whether you are a man or a women

you be aware book

I teach and guide you with the steps, tools and essential keys to help you successfully transform your life too.

Be Aware

thriving heart tina cornish

The book is infused with a higher energy vibration of healing and guidance to help you make the shifts you want in your life as you read it.

When you read Be Aware you will…

Learn to meditate, manifest, understand your dreams

Make shifts in your career

Transform your relationships

Discover how your past is valuable to clear blocks and to experience success

Learn to allow your body, mind and emotions to heal

Discover what part of your life is out of balance so you can shift

Move forward in your life

Connect with your spirituality

Be Aware of the signs and guidance in your life

Be Aware Book Reviews

Available at Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle

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In South Africa you can now order the Paperback online at Exclusive Books  or Loot.co.za (ISBN: 978-0-620-72212-4)

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What comes with your purchase of the book.

With every purchase of Be Aware you are entitled to a free hand painted bookmarker (while stocks last)

You can also download audio meditations that appear in the book.  If you have the book you can download the audio meditations for free.  Of course, the page is password protected.  The password is the last two words of my quote found in the Afterword of Be Aware.  The quote that follows the words “I now leave my moments of awareness in your hands with a questions for you.  Use only the two words in capitals, as you see it in the book.  If you have problems please contact me.

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