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Dedication in Be Aware book

My dedication in Be Aware

Read the dedication from my book – Be Aware: For Your Awakening Consciousness – How To Transform Your Life.


This book is dedicated to all of you.

For those who have asked, “How do you do it?” or “How do you change and just know?”, ‘Be Aware’ is one of those guides for you to become consciously aware.

While creation of this book has been a gift and a guide in my journey of life, I sincerely wish it to be a vehicle through which you may find your own gifts and transform your life.

Tina Cornish

To buy it you can go to Amazon  or Be Aware – The Book 

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Now, I ask about your dedication to your transformation.

How dedicated are you?  When you have dedication toward yourself, and your purpose, miracles can happen.  Because, that committed energy force drives you forward easily and naturally.  It is truly a way to create your own miracles.  However, it does take an open willingness to succeed.  Yes, I say willingness and not necessarily hard work.  Above all, the moment you are open and willing, the natural drive and commitment can reveal itself to you.  Therefore, I believe your open willingness is the secret behind your dedication.  After all, you and your purpose are worth it.  Right?  As you know, you are the only one who can make a change in your life.  I can certainly assist you, but without your dedication to yourself, we wouldn’t succeed very effectively.  I like my clients to achieve effective and long lasting results.  Because, I know it is possible.

In my book I share with you my tools, techniques and keys to awakening and transforming.  It is always better, to have someone help you along the way.  Especially, someone who knows how to do it and has the actual life experience.  As a result of my life experiences, skills, training and intuition, I have many ways to assist you so uniquely.  I encourage you to read my book.  If you resonate with me, then gaining further and deeper assistance through my Be Aware Mastery in the Freedom to Thrive package will be the next step.

If you are new to my website you want to read About Tina.  You will get to know why there is this little grey man holding a puzzle with a thriving heart below.


One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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