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Instantly Transform a Bad Feeling

You can instantly transform a bad feeling and you can do it now.

In fact, before you instantly transform any bad feeling to a good feeling there is something you need to be aware of.  That is, how you feel is important.  You see, you are unique and so is the way you are feeling.  Most of us, prefer to avoid those bad feelings.  However, this is not always the best thing to do.

instantly transform bad feelings into good feelings - reiki healing


Because, you can quite easily deny your feelings about something quite crucial in your life.  For example, if you had a traumatic experience that left you feeling hurt and insecure.  Then firstly, you would attend to healing the trauma.  So, sometimes feeling bad is truly good guidance.  Your emotions are guiding you to deal with the past trauma.  When you deal with the trauma and feelings it is far easier to change your mood.

Deal with the trauma first!

This will be the most effective and long-lasting way of doing it.

Of course, there are times we just want to instantly change that bad feeling and not go into the trauma, it is a choice.  After all, you naturally strive to feel good about yourself.  The video will help you, but firstly ask yourself the following questions.

Before, you instantly transform a bad feeling, ask

  What am I feeling?

  When did I first become aware of this feeling?

  How often do I feel like this?

  Why do I think this is a bad feeling?

  Is this feeling a habit?

  Who has told me something, that triggers this feeling?

  Does this feeling stem from my traumatic event?

Below is another way to instantly transform a bad feeling, with much greater success

In Be Aware both the book and Be Aware Mastery in Freedom to Thrive, I work with you to go deeper into forgiveness.  This is another powerful technique to shift your feelings.  Forgiving yourself for feeling bad, or not being good enough, is essential.  So, please forgive yourself now.

Instantly transform

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instantly transform bad feelings into good feelings - reiki healing


Benefits of feeling good – why we don’t want to feel bad

One of the most sort after reasons to feel good, is success.  When you are working with the law of attraction you discover how your feelings influence your attraction.  What you think, feel and say is what you attract.  So of course, when you are manifesting all your desires into your life, you do want to activate good feelings.  Why?  Because the good feelings are of a much higher vibratory frequency.  This then sets your higher vibe for faster and more successful attraction.

Your vibe is essential

Now, the law of attraction (the universe) does not care if you are feeling good or bad, it just delivers to you the exact match to your vibration.  As a result, when you feel bad, you attract more of the same frequency.  Which is, probably not what you want.  Likewise, when you feel good, you will attract more of the same frequency, too.  Therefore, feeling good is the secret to success.

Perhaps you want to read about using Affirmations.  Do you know about my Dear Universe letter box?  Also, make sure you Get your free vibe kit, this can help you to get started.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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