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How to be in the flow of your guidance

How to be in the flow of your guidance

I teach you how to be in the flow of your guidance and follow through to achieve your goals and intentions.  It is spontaneous method that I use daily.

“When you are in the flow of your guidance, you will always have the time and energy to do what needs to be done”


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Simple Steps on how to be in the flow of your guidance

This is a different approach to the normal controlled method of achieving your goals and intentions.  Normally, you would force yourself through the day to get your tasks done using your willpower.  This method I am going teach you, is a very open way of being in-touch and in-flow of your guidance and your soul and completely open to the Universe.

How to Start

Write down your goal or intention.  Now here comes the challenge.  You do not write down any steps about how to achieve it.  What you will do is start your day off in a completely open manner.  As you awake, state “I am open and ready to serve, in order to achieve my goal”.  By doing this you are immediately setting an intention to be open to the universe and allowing the guidance to come forth.  This would be guidance from your soul, from your own spirit guides, guardian angels and the whole universe will rearrange itself to support you fully and completely, to achieve that goal.

What is going to happen?

You are going to get thoughts and ideas that spontaneously come to you.  So, your job is to ensure that you go with the flow.  Because, that is, the true essence of this method.  You will receive spontaneous ideas of what to do.  At first, you may think the idea does not relate directly to achieving your goal.  Perhaps, it is not something you would have written down as a step to take to achieve that goal.

You need to have to be in the flow of your guidance

You only need to have trust and faith.  That thought is coming to you for a reason and it is coming with a complete energy vibration for you.  You need to be in the space to allow yourself to take action immediately.  The sooner you take action on that thought and that idea that comes to you, it will come forth in a manner of just serving you.  Everything will just rearrange itself.  Sufficient time will be allowed for you to get that task done.  This is because, the entire energy field will just come forth to support you.  So, ensure take action immediately, or as soon as you possibly can.

What you will discover when using this method?

You will discover, that you are able to get a lot more done relating to achieving your goals.  Over time you will discover that every little tiny step or thought you have taken action on, actually fits together, like puzzle pieces fitting together, in-order to bring you that goal and achievement.  This is the way of being in-tune with the universe, in-tune with your own soul and being completely open and aware.  Click on the image below to watch the video in YouTube.

be in the flow guidance for goals and intentions


Answers to Questions asked

Question 1 – How do I do it?

This is a very simple method, no need to make it difficult.  First you will write down your goal.  Every morning upon waking you state “I am open to the flow of my guidance for my highest good” or “I am open to serving my goal”.  Use your own wording.  Just ensure you include the words “I am open”.  You are setting the intention of aiming for your goal.  Then, just be in the flow of your guidance.  Allow yourself to go through the day in a spontaneous manner.  That means responding immediately to any thoughts that come your way.

Question 2 – How can I trust the Universe?

This depends on you.  When I refer to the universe, I mean your soul, God, your spirit guides.  Whoever you refer to as the bigger picture of the universe.  You are already in that flow and you just need to trust it more.  The only way you can really trust is, by practice and gaining the confidence.  You will find, that each time you are aligned to, and definitely will be ‘in the flow’, of your guidance.

Question 3 – What if I battle with my ‘thinking brain’ and it interferes?

With this method there is no battle.  This is a space where you completely love and accept that ‘thinking brain’ of yours.  That ‘thinking brain’, is what is responding to your soul, your guidance.  It is helping you to be in that flow.  And it is, exactly what this method involves.  It is allowing those thoughts to come to you.  Your ‘thinking brain’, is working and picking up the vibrational frequency of you aligning to your goal.  You only need to listen to it and respond to it.  By responding, I mean taking action.  This action can be writing down the thought.  Or, if you are in the position to do it immediately, you do it.  It is a simple as that.  So, the ‘thinking brain’, is completely embraced and united with this method.

Question 4 – I tried this method out and I sit at my desk not knowing what to do.  So now what?

This is quite common in the initial stage. And, if you are completely conditioned to having a goal and writing down your action steps that you force yourself to take.  It can be difficult just to shift into this method initially.  But once you have done it once or twice, you will have the confidence and the trust.  You will discover how the universe completely supports you.

What you can do is close your eyes, center and focus on yourself.  Connect to your heart and soul and re-affirm that you are open and receptive.  Be silent and pay attention to the thoughts that do come to you.  Now it could be a thought that appears not to be aligned with your goal.  However, the events that unfold will bring you the guidance you need.  It will bring you some ‘aha’ moments, like a light bulb being switched on.  It will spark your flow, and you will know what to do.  Listen to my personal experience in my video.  Take action on any thought that comes to you.

Question 5 – How can I believe in what you are saying with this method?  Is it true?

I can not interfere with your beliefs.  You create your own beliefs and make an assumption around it.  If you have trouble believing something, I would suggest you sit down and work through your beliefs.  My book Be Aware will help you with finding and changing your beliefs.  Some beliefs create a block in your life.  It would be a good idea to work on them.  I believe in this method, I use, I trust it and I am completely astounded by how the universe supports me.

Question 6 – This method sounds like a day full of distractions with no focus.  Even projects that won’t get finished?

Obviously some projects will be bigger and won’t be completed in a day.  Sometimes you are feeling distracted.   But this method provides you with the energy to do what is in-front of you.  If you are in the flow of trusting it, you will get various thoughts coming to you.  I personally find the thoughts flowing naturally.  Just as you after you have taken action on one thought, the next comes and so on.  You do need to be spontaneous and take the action.  Don’t think you are going to be distracted.  With regards to projects taking longer than a day.  You will find thoughts coming to you while you are away from it.  Pay attention, as those thoughts can provide you with easier ways to get it done.

Why can’t I achieve my goals?

Do you have your goals written down?  Do you believe you can achieve them?  Are you completely aligned with a full desire for the goal? If you find you don’t have the willpower, then the method you are using is not for you.  Try this flow method, it works and you don’t need willpower.  Do you have someone to support, motivate and encourage you to keep going?  You could also have beliefs and emotional blocks relating to achieving success.  There can be a couple of things that stop you from achieving your goals.  I can help you to find the reason.

Is there a better way to write goals?

Yes.  You want to write you goal down as if you have already achieved it.  Write it like an affirmation and you will powerfully attract the support from the universe.  You want to be clear about, how you will know, that you have achieved your goal.  Give it a date by when you want to achieve this goal.

I hate goal setting

If you hate setting goals, the cause could be a previous experience.  Especially if, you never achieved one of your goals.  Which, made you feel like a failure.  A good round of doing EFT (tapping) can help you.  I personally began hating goal setting as the old controlled method I was using in the past didn’t seem to work for me anymore.  As I was awakening more consciously and growing spiritually, I discovered this ‘being in the flow’, method worked better for me.

How to deal with not achieving your goals

You first want to identify how you know that you have not achieved it.  Next, you ask why?  If goals are not in alignment with our purpose, they may not work out.  This is not a bad at all.  Perhaps there is a better goal for you.  Another question, did you give-up before you saw evidence of results?  You can use various therapies to assist you to clear your vibration to ensure you do not have a block.  I can also help you further in Freedom to Thrive.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

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