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What are affirmations and how to use them?

Firstly, affirmations are positive phrases, statements or a declaration.  Secondly, their purpose is to guide you to new positive habits and experiences you want.  As well as, create new subconscious pathways.  Hence, they powerfully shift your vibration.  Certainly, if you use them with feeling.  As a result, you attract to you what you desire and what you are affirming.  However, repetition is necessary.


  I am happy

Thank you for this…

I am successful

Or, I truly love what I am doing

I have mastered this…

For some more examples of affirmations which relate to healing your chakras.

How do positive affirmations work?

By repeating ‘positive affirmations’, it creates a positive vibration within your energy field, or aura.  With, the added benefit of reprogramming your subconscious mind.  However, it is essential to carefully select positive affirmations.  Because, they are very powerful to use and attract your desired experience to you.  As a result, your energy field will be amplified, if your subconscious mind is aligned and accepts your affirmation.

How many times should I say them?

Every moment you can.  Because, the more often you repeat them, the quicker your results will show up.  Also, plan and set a regular time of the day to actively work on them.

Do they really work?

Absolutely Yes, and No.  For instance, if you are in full alignment with affirmations, they do work.  However, if you don’t fully believe them or even want them, they will not work.

Why don’t affirmations work?

The main reason positive affirmations don’t work is the internal conflict.  You see, affirmations target the conscious level of your mind.  So, only after repetition and alignment does your subconscious begin to shift.  Understand that, the conflict comes from the subconscious mind.  Also, it uses up a great deal of energy and creates massive tension and resistance in the body.  For instance, a traumatic event can create this conflict, which remains with you.  Until, you clear up the conflict with healing techniques, like EFT and Reiki.  So, I uniquely align the right techniques for you and with you, so that they work.

Also, if you don’t activate the feeling while repeating the affirmation.  As a result, the affirmation is just a meaningless word.

Some more big reasons affirmations don’t work

Is, if there is a contradiction going on inside of you.  Such as, you don’t really want the affirmation to be true for you.  For instance, your subconscious mind has a very valid reason and fully believes you do not want it to be true.  In particular, this is a block that needs to be cleared first.

Also, If you don’t fully believe it is possible.  As a result, it feels like you are lying to yourself.  With each positive declaration, your subconscious will say, “yeah right, it’s not true, what a load of rubbish, it’s not possible!”

You could also, be saying it all wrong.  Yes, this is possible.  For example, if you use the words “I will..”, instead of,  “I am…”  Using “I will…” it creates the energy vibration of it going to happen in the future.  This is not active now.  However, there are times you can safely use “I will…”.  Such as, you are shifting out of an internal conflict.  Important to note, that this would be a short lived affirmation.

How to create positive affirmations

Effective success comes from planning your affirmations.  You don’t want to just use what other people use.  Because, you want your affirmations to be unique to you and what you desire.  Yes, you can copy others if you are stuck or just getting started.  In my book Be Aware and in Be Aware Mastery I have many successful affirmations for you to start with.  Essentially, your planning can do a lot to ensure you and the affirmations are in full alignment, without any disbelief or blocks.  When I work with you in Be Aware Mastery, I check to see what blockages you have with the affirmations you use and help you to clear them, or create a new affirmation.

Find your driving force behind your affirmation

In addition, your driving force is very powerful.  It is the reason you want to use an affirmation.  So, aiming directly for the experience or event you wish to come forward to you.  This means, it is something you don’t have in your life, yet.  It is, your desire for something to happen.  You do want to access the vibration within.  So, you need to find out why you actually want it.

How you may Ask?

Simple ask yourself, “Why do I want….?” & “What will my life be like if I don’t get it…?” & “Am I stressed about getting it?” your subconscious will reply. Write down the answers that come up for you.

Now that, you know the driving force, you are far more likely to get faster results.  So, it is always good idea to ask the questions before creating and using the affirmation.  This is a key exercise to eliminating blocks of internal conflicts.

How to write affirmations for success with consciously using the law of attraction

  1. Start with the words like “I am”, “I have”, “Thank you for”
  2. Use the present or past tense of what you want to create or experience in your life.
  3. State it in the positive.
  4. Keep it brief.
  5. Make it specific.
  6. Include an action word ending with –ing.
  7. Have at least one emotion or feeling word.  More importantly, just feel it.
  8. Create your own affirmations.
  9. Ask yourself – Do I believe it is possible?  Am I open to allowing myself to experience it?  And, How will I know when I have a result?

Ways to do them

Record them in audio and listen and repeat them out loud and silently within, at any time.  I recommend you listen to the audio, while you are going to sleep.  As, this is very powerful to program your subconscious mind.

To truly amplify the vibration of success, you want to repeat affirmations while looking into your eyes in a mirror.  Thanks to the teachings of Louise Hay and her mirror work, I discovered how powerful this technique is, and I saw how my vibration shifted.  My body language was the big giveaway with this exercise.  It was a sign I did not believe what I was affirming.  After I cleared my block my new vibe was visible and the affirmation attracted fast results.

What is your most loved affirmation?  How is it working in your life?  Share with me.

One of the ‘puzzle pieces’ of your better life is:

creating the life you desire

create your own affirmations