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What is EFT

I will explain what is EFT and how you can use it

So, you want to know what EFT is.  Firstly, it is not the banking transaction.  It is, emotional freedom techniques.  Which, is another one of the techniques I often use, for healing in both my Reiki healing and Holistic Life Coaching.  I guide you through it step-by-step, relating directly to your unique needs.

It is a technique of tapping with your fingers on the energy meridian points on your hand, face, collar bone and top of your head.  The meridians of the body were first discovered by the Chinese.  They also, form a prominent part in acupressure, acupuncture and other meridian therapies.  So, tapping on the meridian points, clears negative emotional energy blocks.  It also, shifts your vibrational frequency and creates an open flow of energy.  As a result, emotional freedom.

Why use EFT?

Because, EFT is a rapid technique to clear emotions, mental and physical conditions.  Also, it can take a couple of minutes to do for results.  Often, it is combined into a wide range of therapies.  For instance, many Reiki Masters combine EFT with Reiki treatments.

What can EFT be used for?

EFT is used for; illness, self-sabotage, fears, panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, grief, weight loss, cravings, headaches, and to stop smoking.  The reasons are endless.

Ask for my help, If you have suffered severe mental or emotional trauma in the past.

So, I will teach you here, the basics of EFT and guide you in our sessions together.  However, there are further learning methods with more tapping positions available on the internet.

Wording to use in EFT

Psychological reversal and affirmations are combined with tapping.  You will focus, ‘acknowledge’ the problem, and then use an affirmation for self-acceptance. This means, you will use a ‘negative’ focus to clear yourself, while you are tapping.  Some examples of the phrase to use:

For a headache – Even though I have a headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

If you are depressed –  Even though I am depressed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Feeling angry – Even though I have such anger towards ….., I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Craving sweets –  Even though I have this craving for sweets, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

How to do EFT

To tap, you will use your index and middle finger together (either hand).  Tap firmly, three–to seven times, on each spot.  Do not tap too hard as this will cause a bruise.  Feel the level of intensity of your problem and rate it between one and ten.  Repeat the phrase as you are tapping.

The tapping positions

The positions exist on both sides of the body.  So, you can use either side, or even both.  The meridian positions to tap on are as follows in this order of sequence:


  1. Karate point: on the side of your hand (either one).  It is the fleshy area on the outside of the palm of your hand, used to do a karate chop.  A tender spot to touch.
  2. Eyebrow beginning point: just on the inside of the top of your nose.
  3. Side of the eye: on the end of the bone bordering your eyebrow.
  4. Under the eye: where the bone is.  Below your pupil, in the middle point under the eye.
  5. Under the nose: in the middle soft area between the bottom of your nose and top lip.  The area that dents in.
  6. Under the chin: midway between your bottom lip and end of chin.  The area that dents in.
  7. Collarbone: just below the collarbone.  The middle area where your sternum (breast bone) and first rib meet.  To find it follow the u shape bone at base of throat.  Go down about 2 cm and across toward shoulder about 2 cm.  It is a tender spot.
  8. Under the arm: below the armpit in the middle where a women’s bra line would be located.  About 5 cm down from the armpit.  It is a tender spot.
  9. Below the nipple:  just under the breast in the middle, in-line with the nipple.  Where the under-skin of the breast meets the chest.
  10. Top of the head: in the middle of the head on the top.

This is the end of the process

Now, feel the level of intensity to the problem.  If it is still high, repeat another tapping round.

Repeat if necessary

  1. Return to karate chop point: to repeat if you desire to go deeper on clearing other thoughts that come to mind during tapping.  This happens as energy shifts and you tune in more specifically to the cause of your problem.

So, now you know what EFT is and how to do it!

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