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What is Reiki?

Have you heard of Reiki and want to know what it is?

The power and discipline behind Reiki healing (pronounced Ray-Key)Reiki

Reiki is a totally safe and natural energy healing modality.  It originates from Japan, using the natural universal life force energy that supports all of creation.  Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese Christian man, Dr Mikao Usui, in the 1800s and has over the years been passed down from Reiki Master to student through sacred teachings, healings and attunements.  Reiki is practised more often in the form of ‘hands-on’ treatments, but does extend into distant healing. One can relate Reiki to the natural, powerful and loving touch we all use when interacting through a state of unconditional love towards another the natural ability within us when we reach out lovingly to touch a new-born baby, or to comfort our child through touch when they have hurt themselves.  The touch is often empowered by saying “let me rub that better for you”.

Reiki Masters and Practitioners

Have undergone specific teachings, cleansings, self-healing treatments, experiences and attunements to purify and uplift their energy fields into a positive vibration of energy, to become an open conduit.  During attunements, sacred symbols are passed to the student, by the Master.  During a treatment the Reiki Practitioner or Master will use these symbols where necessary to enhance and uplift the energies required by your body. The symbols greatly empower the universal life force energy, creating a specific, higher, and more positive vibration of energy.  It is these symbols that give Reiki its uniqueness.  The Reiki Master or Practitioner does not heal you.  He or she is purely a trained channel through which the higher positive vibration of energies may be passed to you.  Your body will absorb the energy and use it in its own magnificent manner, in accordance with your soul.  This then brings about the necessary healing through shifting and changing your energy vibrations.  Reiki works on all levels of your being and can therefore help to heal all illnesses or traumas, minor or major. Reiki can be, and often is integrated into other healing modalities.

Your typical Reiki treatment

Lasts 30 to 60 minutes.  You remain fully clothed, while relaxing on a treatment bed.  The more relaxed you are, the greater the ability of your body to let go and accept these divine energies.  The Reiki Master and Practitioner are trained to follow certain hand positions aligned with your chakras.  The chakras are energy vortices emanating out from your physical body into your aura.  They are absorbing energy at all times of your life and developing their vibrational signature in cycles of seven year periods. The Master or Practitioner will intuitively follow their own guidance and senses to assist in removing energy blockages that can often be felt, or seen, within the aura.  During the treatment you might experience mild relaxation, or a deeper state such as meditation, even a peaceful sleep.  Energy flows through the Master or Practitioner the moment their hands are gently placed on your body or within any part of your aura.  During the transference of energy you may feel your Master or Practitioner’s hands vibrating with a flood of warm, tingling sensations.  It is also quite common for the hand temperature of the Master or Practitioner to change from hot to cold, directly connected to your own unique needs.  Throughout life, your chakras and body are energetically developing as they absorb all your experiences.  Your body does not differentiate between positive and negative experiences; when energies from traumatic experiences build up, they leave an energy imprint within the chakra or a part of your body.  Over time this can-and often does- develop into illness, as well as repeated illnesses of the same kind.  When the Master or Practitioner carries out a healing treatment, the higher energy is absorbed and your body begins to realign itself.  It lets go of negative, low vibrations and traumas, replacing them with higher, positive vibrations.  While this happens you may experience tingling of the skin, itchiness, pulling of muscles and slight jerking as your energy re-balances.  It often passes quite quickly.  On a mental level you can experience spontaneous flashes of colour or visualisations, as well as a flood of suppressed memories. This often triggers a release of emotions, opening you to greater awareness.

After your treatment you are usually given a glass of healing water to drink.  This is water that has been purified and uplifted through Reiki into a higher vibration of energy.  You are encouraged to continue drinking more water within the next 24 hours as this aids absorption of the higher vibrational frequencies into your blood, cleansing and releasing toxins.

You may experience

An increase in vitality and positive thought patterns after a treatment, providing you with more harmony, serenity, clear thinking and focus. This leads to attracting more positive experiences into your life.  Regular treatments will increase the strength of your energy field and help prevent illness.

Reiki is not limited to humans and is very often used in the healing of animals and all that exists in creation.  Reiki is governed through the discipline of the following five principles, originally set in place by Dr Usui.

Five principles of Reiki

  • Just for today I will live the attitude of gratitude
  • Just for today I will not worry
  • Just for today I will not anger
  • Just for today I will do my work honestly
  • Just for today I will show love and respect for every living thing

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